PRETTY NICE LIVE: WHY AM I RECEIVING THREATS WHEN I DON'T BOTHER ANYONE? Flagging me foe??? Because of something I know no part of,; and am no part of?

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So what gives with the drama? like really? I dont bother anyone. I help out whenever I can. Ill do a project for anyone who ask. If there's sides, Some one need to tell me so I understand. I just dont get it.

Also just talking about everything steemy and my life

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That would be a really in effect make a good publicity for @themarkymark @prettynicevideo good for him. ;P

12.02.2020 08:47

Haha, the same moron is indiscriminately peppering everyone with the weak threats... Definitely don't take it personally...

12.02.2020 09:15

Sometimes people don't need a a logical reason to be terrible at something

12.02.2020 12:20

I got the same “threat” along with allot of others. Not personally directed to you. This person is just a little crybaby.

12.02.2020 14:38


12.02.2020 20:10

I KNOW!!! After talking with Witty on air and he explained it, I was like.... Ok now even if I ended up hating Marky Mark, Ill keep him witness. Dont tell me what to do. Now if you have a valid argument and present it to me with factual evidence and want to request something from me, Grab your balls and talk to me. Im more likely to change something for real reason, than background coward shit. I Dont follow drama/ So when this crap happens, Im lost! Thanks guys for answering. I felt a lot better when I realized its happening to a lot of other people too!!!! lolololol

12.02.2020 20:19