Mystery Random Upvotes

Someone who’s been a citizen of Steemlandia as long as I have should probably understand how they’re voting. But SteemWorld shows a couple of votes that don’t make sense to me:


I have no clue how to vote fractionally for percentages that aren’t integers. I checked SteemAuto and have no upvoting automated from there (I do follow a couple of downvoting trails).

Possibly, one of these


did upvoting using my posting key? But I look at SteemWorld very frequently and haven’t seen any other mystery random upvotes. Gotta admit that it’s embarrassing to not understand how these upvotes happened, given how long I’ve been here. As far as I know, all of my upvoting is as a result of my manual curation. But, apparently, I’m wrong about that.

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You can do it programmatically. If remember correctly, the voting weight parameter is an integer between 0 and 10000 in the Javascript and Python APIs and therefore most likely internally in the Steem blockchain code written in C++. None of the front ends support fractional percentage voting. It has to be the work of an app.

Have you given your posting authority to these apps via SteemConnect?

02.11.2019 15:29

Have you given your posting authority to these apps via SteemConnect?

Not that I remember, but it does seem to be a likely reason.

02.11.2019 16:04

Looking at the voting patterns on both posts you voted on, it seems that :

  • Your votes aren't from following a trail
  • The two accounts are linked and receive exactly the same votes from the same voters

So my opinion is : there's a compromised app in there, and the authors you upvoted are linked with this fraudulent app.

02.11.2019 16:17


02.11.2019 16:31

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