Are you ready for some token challenge with challenge Dac

Today I am going to share with you the reason why you should all buy some of the altcoins of your choice right now. People want to know which altcoin is going to make them successful in the near future but for now, I can't guarantee anything about the exact altcoins you should purchase.

I may be buying some of these altcoins but that doesn't change the fact that you should also buy them as a must especially when you see the potential of the project and the performance of the Team running the project . I also think the altcoins (Tokens) have good fundamental technicals behind them as we also take a glance at the price analysis on one of the Tokens.

I have been following up smart contracts of steem-engine altcoins especially in price and I think the sell pressure on most coins are extremely high and the market volume is low with high spread between ask and bid price. Was checking out a token which is crossed chained on eos ChallengeDac. Challengedac is built on the Earth operating system 5and trading at both steem-engine and Newdex although steem-engine is a bit centralized but newdex is a decentralized exchange, challengDac is pegged to both EOS and Steem. With the new update by the team to optimize sign up by introducing email sign and signing more users will be coming and as such the price of the coin will rally.




Looking at today's price of challengeDac to on both Newdex and steem-engine the On order book newdex has more active others when compared to that of steem-engine which is also a factor as to why there is hug spread between the bid and ask.


Seeing this huge price spread would make an experience trader scrap or Mark the market with some open orders. On steem-engine as the price of CHLP is cheaper than that of CHL and I believe with more development, adoption and marketing CHL will tend to pump in time

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07.03.2020 11:43

I have been investing in Challenge tokens for some months now and I must say it is a promising token and the App is amazing!

07.03.2020 11:51

08.03.2020 16:11