The Diary Game : 09 March 2021

Hello Steemians, How was it going friends ? I hope that all of you will be healthy and avoid this disease.
Now I start telling you about my whole day.

This morning was not special, same day as I woke up at 9 in the morning, after that I drank water, so I started to feel a lot because the water was very cold.After that I went to fresh.

After being fresh, I ran the phone for a while and then went on to exercise by charging it on charging.


At around 10:30, Didi made breakfast and after that we cleaned the house.While cleaning, our clothes got dirty, then I bathed with cold water.

Around 12 o'clock I made enough for myself and after drinking it, started taking my online class, today I had a two-hour online class.


At 2 o'clock in the afternoon I went to the terrace because I was bored while reading. Then I spent some time with my fish.

After that I started feeling very hungry, then I asked Didi to cook.I played pubg at 3:30 pm, after that I fell asleep listening to songs


I went to the market, brought some vegetables from there, then I spent some time on the terrace.After that I came down and ate food, and then went out for a walk.

At about half past nine, I studied for a while, and then ran a laptop , Then saw some posts of steemit. After that I started sleeping, so I fell asleep.

Thank You


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