The diary game:- 6 August:- Thursday

Hey everyone this is prakhar pratap singh this side. I am here for my new diary entry.

So let's get started.

So today, woke up early at 6 am in the morning. As i was in my village for a few days so i got up early in this morning. But this morning was not that special beacause here in my area, there is no much trees and birds. So i was Earlybird today but there was no twitter, no greenary and no much excitement.

Then i thought about walk on my road. As there was rain last night so roads were wet and the weather was little cold.
I am sharing a pic of my street in the morning.


This was my road. I know the picture is not clear because i was walking that time.

After that, i returned my home and asked my mother for breakfast. I was literally starving that time.
My mom has cooked poha for breakfast.

I don't think i need to explain what poha is.
It is famous all across India. And in many countries poha is use to have as breakfast.
I am sharing some pics with all of you of my morning breakfast.


After that, i started watching a new tv series named avrodh.
It's a new tv series by sony liv. Is is based in URI attach and it's retaliation.

It's a series worth to watch. You all should watch it. It is available on Sony LIV
I am sharing some screenshots of the that series.

And here i am sharing link .


It was a approx 4 hour series'. And i like it so much i watched it till the end in a single click..

So after watching 5 hours of this series. I thought about some rest. My eyes were in pain.😅😅😅
But it was series worth to watch..

I was going to take a nap, suddenly my mom called me and asked me not to sleep. She told me to have Lunch first. She was preparing for it.

So i went near to her and talked to her for some time.
As i was in village and i was not getting time to interact with her. So i talk to her for some time..
We discuss about my studies that is not going on. And my exams that are going to conduct on 10 August. Can you imagine, during this pandemic where in India daily 60k persons are infecting with corona virus and many if them are loosing their life. Govt is serious all about exams. Although there were no any classes in reality but in documents my whole syllabus is completed before my class was started. So thats the reality of my exams. How am i supposed to take exam when i don't have a book.

But govt is ordering us to take exam.
And will do it. No matter what..

So when i was talking to my mom, she was preparing for food. And in 30 min she cooked food.
She cooked naan and sabji today in lunch.
As this is corona time and eating outdoor is not safe so she has cooked many things during this lockdown.
I am sharing some pics with all of you.


After that, i had my lunch.
And then i decided to take a nap.
And i slept for almost 2 hours and it was 4 pm.
Then, i went on roof top for some walk. And i was listening myg)

ftnt Singh Rajput.
It's a very melodious songs with the melody voice of arijit singh.

If you haven't listened to this song go and check this song out from youtube.



After that, i recieved a call from my friend @rishabh99946. And we met at a certain destination.

I am sharing a pic of Rishabh


Yes the irresponsible Person without mask is the animal named rishabh.

We walked for almost 1 hour.
I am sharing a pic of the place where we walked.


And then i returned to my home. And was sitting doing nothing. I am sharing some pics with al of you of my home.


And then i returned to my home. And was sitting doing nothing.



And then i returned to my home. And was sitting doing nothing.
I am sharing some pics with al of you of my home.


And then, it was 8 pm. And my mom asked me for dinner. And i refused. Because I wasn't feeling for the same. And i am not having dinner for a few days so i continue the trend and refused.
And then we all watch tv for a few hours. And then my mom tell everyone to sleep as it was almost 11 pm.
And now i am sharing this with all of you. And after this i will straight go to bed
So good night guys and steem on..

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