The diary game :- 08 September 2020:- a day full of food.

Hey everyone this is prakhar pratap singh again. I am here for my diary entry. I just spent a day every foodie wanted to spend.

So today i woke up at 7 am. Now i am use to wake up at my previous usual time.
After that , i went to bathroom and brushed my teeth.
And also got fresh.

And then i started reading book. I am not fond of reading book. But today i started reading this book by getting a recommendation of one of my friends Abhishek.


After that, i read that for some hours and then my mom called me for breakfast.

I am here sharing the pic of the food i jad in my dinner.


Delicious sandwich with awesome Gravy.
You won't believe i was enjoying the very moment so much i was wishing not to over it.

After that, i was in dream of having delicious food.

And then i went to my room and started studying my subject.

Today i read about supreme court of india
Under article 124(2) president appoints the supreme court judge.
And there are many judge in the supreme court.

This is convention in our country that the senior most judge of supreme court is appointed as CJI that is chief justice of India.

Initially there was very much ambiguity regarding appointment of judges.
Many govt just bypass the convention and appointed judge of his own who supported them in every case.

But convention are not to be made to be broken. So this act of govt is also challenged in the same supreme court.
Actually there were a series of cases regarding this from time to time.

In 1st judges case, the result came into the favour of executive that is in the favour of govt. And supreme court it self declared that it's the wish of the govt whom they appoints as the supreme court judge.
CJI can ask President to just reconsider his will. But it's not binding on them..


I will tell you about two other cases in next post.
Other wise this post will be very bulky. Because the subject is very vast

So after reading the syllabus, i went to another room and just picked my phone and started scrolling instagram and whatsapp.

And after that, my mom asked for lunch.
Today she cooked litti chokha


It's a very famous dish in bihar. And my mom just follow the Trend

You won't believe, that lunch was so delicious i cant forget it's taste ever in my entire life.

After that, as you know that this litti chokha are very heavy. So i was getting sleepy. So i put my phone aside and went to bed.

And when i woke up, i found that my phone is ringing.

My friend Nitin was calling me. So i picked my phone and he told that he is at outside my home.

So i went outside and brought

And after that we both went to his shop by bike.
And we sat there for some time.

We were having fun there. And we were remembering nostalgia.


And after that, we both decided to eat outside.
So we both called our moms and asked them not to prepare food for us.

And then we both started walking towards restaurant on foot.

And after 15 min walk. We reached there.

And here iam sharing the food we ordered and got.


Delicious veg biryani. With chopped onions and chatni.

I used to have this in Delhi and now i am having this in my hometown for the first time. And that was a great experience.

The biryani was very delicious.

And after that, we started to walk towards our home.


This is the pic i captured while walking.

And as soon as i reached home, i lied down on my bed.

I was tired and had eaten very much. So i was getting sleepy.
So i opened my phone and scrolling it.


This is a meme on captain America template. It's getting famous day by day.

And after that, i opened and started writing my diary.

So now i am doing it.
And after this i will go to bed. So that all from my side guys.
Good night guys and steem on.

Have fun...

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Is that bread with peanut butter? it looks really delicious



13.09.2020 13:31

Yes. You get it right.😁😁😁

14.09.2020 05:21

very nice diary from your side . Sandwich is looking so yummy . I have also seen many Captain America memes. It is funny.

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