Lebanon explosion:- mistake or terrorist attack

We all have heard about the huge explosion that took place in Lebanon some days ego. That explosion was so loud and huge that it created the Earth quake near it. The glasses of window and doors were shattered and the door and windows were broken. These windows and doors were atleast some kilometres away from the ground point of explosion. And the said news is that, 78 people among with general secretary of the Lebanon died in that.



The explosion took place due to fire caught by ammonium nitrate. That ammonium nitrate was huge in quantity. It was 2750 tons of it. That too was stored in a very irresponsible way.

The source of this information is various news sources that are very legit including aaj tak, aljazeera news and many others.

So the question is how someone stored such a huge quantity of Ammonium nitrate and that too in irresponsible way and it was being stored for almost 6 years.
If any industry has brought it from foreign. Then why ut didn't use that, why it just stored it for 6 years

This is a question to ask and we all want a Anwer from the authority.

After that, when the general secretary died among 78 others and 4000 were injured. Then the authority opened its eye's and ask for the permission from the person who was the owner of that store.

The question is why didn't the authority ask anyone before it take place. What was tha fault of those who died and what is the fault of the person who are now alone and are missing who died in that explosion.

Till when our authority will takke action only after the crime. When???

I know, i am not a citizen of Lebanon and i am asking this question to every government of the World including mine.

When the explosion take place, them police took action and detained 10 people for this. And then people started protesting over this saying that these detention are not valid and police is doing so only for covering up this explosion.



Now the police is suspecting any terrorist group for this explosion but none of them is coming up for taking responsibility.

We want a world full of peace and joy. We know we are different from each other on ghe basis if cast, religion, citizenship and on many other basis. But one thing is common in all of us.
That is we all are humans
Some people want to disturb the peace between us by creating chaos. Let them not win.
Be together and we will make this place better for our next generation...

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