Betterlife:- the diary game:- 31st Oct 2020:- reward-"power up 100%"

Hey there this is prakhar pratap singh this side.
I am here for my diary entry of dated 31st October 2020

Reward is set to "Power up 100%"

So today i woke up at my usual time 7 am in the morning.

Yesterday night i remembered that 31 was the birthday of one of mt best friends Abhishek and for his birthday i saved his photo to put status on whatsapp but at 11 50 pm i slept unconsciously and when i opened my eyes it was 7 am

Is this called time travel? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

But at that time i was feeling bad.
I immediately put status for his birthday. And called him. And we both talked for 30 min.
He is very special to me as with him i have spent e years in my college. We used to talk whole night on random topics.

Here i am going to share some of his pics i put on whatsapp.

this photo was taken by me when it was farewell of our seniors. I miss this very much.

this photo was taken by suraj and it was last year birthday of Abhishek. So basically it is 1 year old pic. In the pic:- me, Abhishek, Akash goriya, and suraj

this photo was taken by akash goriya when there was a concert of guri in our college.

So after wishing him a very happy birthday i put my phone aside and went to bathroom.

Then i brushed my teeth and them using facewash i cleaned up my face. And then i took a photo of myself.

today i thought i am looking handsome so i took this photo but then i saw my face and then i laughed a lot

And after this, i went to kitchen. Made a very tasty tea by myself. And started reading newspaper with the sips of tea..

this is the pic of today's newspaper Amar ujala. Now a days i am reading newspaper daily.

So today's headline was a comment of highcourt allahabad which is now highcourt prayagraj. It said that changing religion just to marry someone with another religion is not acceptable. As it denies the secular image of our country.

According to High court:- if someone is influenced by the thoughts of any religion then he is free to chabge its religion and accept another.
But if you are doing so just to marry someone it is not good.

If the country is secular then the people must support them.
And with this high court rejected the writ plea of the couple asking for protection

So this was good. A very good decision by high court.

And another headlines was this in finance section

reliance is owned by billionaire Mukesh Ambani. He is one of the richest person of the world from india

So according to this news, the total profit of reliance is dropped by 15percent to 9567 crores rupees. And total revenue is dropped to 1.20 lakh crores. So this is because of slow gdp growth of india and the lockdown.

The main business of this company is petroleum. And during the lockdown everyone saw the condition of the petroleum price. So this might be an effect of lockdown. But the good news for him is that, their new companyreliance jio just trippled it's profit.
So we can say. This company is going to wreck the whole market one day.

So that's all for this newspaper.

After this, i went to my room opened my phone and started watching scam 1992.
So i am currently watching it's 8 episode.
So in this episode the Harshad Mehta is thrown behind the bars. CBI enquiry is recommended for this scam. And for him everything is over.

One of the best officer of CBI was handling the case.
So this is all over for him now.
this is the character who played the role of the officer. This was the same officer that dealt with the case of bofroce scam

And meanwhile, i went to kitchen and asked for food.
But i was so busy watching this series. I forgot to click photo.

So i can't share the pic of the food.
But i can tell you, as this was purnima today. So i had sabji puri today.

And after watching the series, i went to my room. Put my phone on charging. And took a nap for 30min.

And when i woke up, it was 4 30 pm.

Then i remembered, today is the match of Mumbai Indians and delhi capitals.

Delhi capitals was on the top at a time. And now it was loosing again for the 4th time

Delhi capitals loses it 7 wicket on 70 runs.

So i stopped watching the match.
And i called @rishabh99946 to come. And we both meet at a point..

this road is called arson road. And it is one of the busiest road in my town.

And we both roamed there for some time.
And then i returned to my home.
And today is the match of royal challengers Bangalore and sunrisers Hyderabad

But today i am not watching that match. As i am feeling very sleepy.

And now i am sharing this with all of you. . after this, i will go to have food and then will go to the bed.

So that's all guys from my side.
Good night guys and steem on...

Thank you

Reward is set to power up 100%

I just want to repeat myself. My previous post including my town in 10 pics is not curated yet. Please have a look there...
Thank you..

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