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What you are filled with determines what you don’t have allowance for. King David in the book of Psalms says that he hides the word of God in his heart to avoid going contrary to God’s commandments. A heart filled with God’s Word has no allowance for the unfruitful works of darkness. You can become so full with God’s Word, that the enemy will have no landing spot in your life. When you are filled with God’s Word, the Word of God will keep you out of sinfulness.

On the other hand, when you allow sin to take over your life, it will in turn keep you away from God’s Word. What you allow into your heart matters a lot; because, it determines what you are filled with and the kind of control you come under. As a born again child of God; you stand as a judge over the affairs of your life. Nothing is permitted to force itself on you. If it is there, it is there because you allowed it. If it is not there, it is because you disallowed it.


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Whatever you allow is what heaven allows for you and whatever you disallow; heave disallows for you. This is a strong new creation reality and by it you are meant to reign in life. Don’t say it is the devil. If it is the devil; it is because you allowed him, he has no right to lord it over you. It is an insult on your redemptive rights and privileges to claim it’s the devil. Where were you when the devil were sneaked in? It is the allowance that you give the devil in your life that he capitalizes on.

The Bible says that you should not Let not sin take control of your body, nor let it control your desire that you should obey it in the lust thereof. Neither yield your members as instruments of unrighteousness unto sin. For sin shall not have dominion over you.

We are admonished by the scriptures to be filled with the Spirit of God. When you are filled with the Spirit of God, no evil spirit will find your life a comfort zone to dwell in. The Spirit of God cannot co-habit with the spirit of evil because righteousness and unrighteousness have no relationship and therefore cannot be in accord. Healthy spiritual living sets forth the allowances of God’s Word as a monitor for whatever seeks to creep into your heart. If the Word of God forbids it for you; you will do well to forbid it for yourself. Refuse to play around it, forbid its control over you.

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