Jabez became desperate about his situation, when he realized that he was born for more than the ugly situation he was enveloped in. Everything about his prayer could be summed up in this cry of desperation – Oh Lord, I was born for more than this! This was why he prayed for God to change his story.

What you accept into your life determines how far you go in life. If with all the negativities surrounding Jabez, he refused to take no for an answer; then, there is hope for you in God. Jabez had a very rotten foundation. He was born in sorrow and he was given a name which depicted the sorrowful foundation of his life.

Many ordinarily would have used such an awful foundation as an excuse to remain retarded and relegated in life; but not the man Jabez. He refused to accept a life of deprivation and relegation. He sought for a turn around and the Lord granted him that which he requested.

Though, he was acclaimed to be more honorable than his brethren, he refused to live in self deception. Have you not heard that in a country of blind men, the one eyed man is the king? That was the situation Jabez found himself in but he refused to be deceived.

He sought for God to enlarge his coast and the Lord granted him his request. He knew his life could be better than what it was. He refused to mark time. “If it will ever be better, let it be now”.

That was the highlight of his cry and the Lord heeded to his cry. Faith is in the now; for “now” faith is …” Your change can come now. God will not wait to heal you tomorrow when he can heal you today. He will not tell you to go and come tomorrow; because, He will not be greater than Who He is today.

Very importantly, the cry of Jabez was rooted in the ability of God to cause a change in his situation. He came to God in the knowledge of Who God is. He came to God believing that God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him and he was not disappointed. You will not be disappointed as you come to God in the knowledge of Who He is and in the awareness of His power to cause a positive change in your situation.

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Only God changes stories time and space, and we were really born to be blessed and not marked by the adversities of life, so it is wonderful to rise up in the midst of pain to cry out to God and discover that we are a blessing and a perfect creation made by God .

25.02.2020 22:03

Thank you for your comment. Blessings.

26.02.2020 03:14