The bible says we should be thankful always. To being thankful means showing appreciation to one who deserves it. There are people who God sends our way to be a blessing to us at the most critical time in our lives. To such persons who bring blessings to our lives without expecting gratifications from us. They enter our books of records. God knows them too, and he will reward them accordingly.

Today I found out that Steemit Support Team, @booming01, @booming02, @booming03,
@booming 04 and @steemitcurators are everywhere on Steemit, not only in HeartChurch, the community I love and cherish, but in the entire Steemit space helping and encouraging steemians with reasonable upvotes. They are doing what I call "BETTER LIFE" program in a critical economic situations around the world.


This kind endeavor is timely considering the harsh economic quagmire imposed upon people of the earth by the pandemic related hardships. This thoughtful and kind Team is bringing hope back to people. There are some people who hardly make a meal a day. Some make zero dollars daily as they are observing lockdown.

Their income depends on their daily hustle and the pressure from their families has affected their health adversely. From the bible I have come to learn that giving is receiving. To this Steem Support Team, from the depth of my heart I say God bless you real good. YOU ARE KIND.

I do not forget our consistent @sniffnscurry who has been here for us at Heartchurch for years now. I mean always there. Waoo! HeartChurch community awesome leadership, @darlynes01 and her team. Very selfless and godly people, abounding in every good works. "People First" servants of God.

Although we are hundreds if not thousands of miles away from where I am, I can tell you that I feel you. Distance does not exist in the spirit realm. Blessings.


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04.06.2021 08:26