What goes around comes around!

Few cities of India are now drenched into a thick blanket of smog. Delhi- Haryana- Punjab being the major one affected.
Many people have burnt the crackers while Diwali and majorly the vehicular pollution has made the air pollution leading to severe and mostly poor condition.
We are compelled to wear masks throughout the day It is that severe. alarmingly high level of air pollution has emerged as a new challenge for air-carriers and the airport operator. even the government has made odd-even rule in which the cars can run throughout the city depending on their number plate and the selected alternative days for odd and even number plates.

Which hopefully can reduce a little amount of vehicular pollution.Also majorly the reason was stubble burning in fields. which always brings pollution and even legal charges are imposed on them too.

For many years we have polluted nature now nature is giving us back and making us realise what the consequences are.
I guess it indeed is a big lesson for everyone of us, That forests are on fire, air is getting heavily polluted and the end is near.
Take action, do your bit, it always goes a long way!

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04.11.2019 19:30

This must be a horrible situation, at first time german medias was full of what's going on in some indian cities, just hope people there will find a way to handle this problem.

04.11.2019 21:00

Seriously it's just like w natural calamity. We still are going to office and the regular work isn't haulted. But today is a sunny day after such a long time and we can see smog going away a little.
Thank you for your attention and consern.

05.11.2019 05:42