Chasing the Clouds

Chasing the Clouds


Waiting for the golden hour on other side of the clouds. The sun rays travelling past me and reaching a longer distance to glow the clouds.

The evening sun rays created an excellent golden orange effect on the clouds. There was a coconut tree in the way of clouds and it looked as below pictures


Picture 2

Two clouds passed by the time I clicked the pictures


Camera Used
Nikon D5300

Picture with second cloud

As the light reduced the picts were blurred out. I could not operate the manual settings as I did not have a tripod.
I could have done better if had a little patience 😊


Our doggie came up and wanted to play with me. Had to drop my camera and run around with him.
He wants me to get the rope and make him bite it.
He loves the tug of war we play. He often does it evenings and late nights.
Nights for a good night walk and evening for his treats.

Hope everyone is having great day
Have fun and good night 😊

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Thanks team

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