When you focus so much in knowledge, it will come to you
in different shape and form. Thanks to the internet you can
be self thought and improvise on what you want to focus on.
I like the free will of #education and the discipline that come with it.
Here in this blockchain we are doing a tremendous effort to maintain
a level and stay inform in the financial matters.

Most people into crypto will look at it today and not be happy seeing the price
down to $8.3k from the previous high of $9.1k. This is what we call price fluctuations
or #bitcoin volatility. This is one trait you cannot take away from crypto. Even the stable coins
fluctuate a little. In the same token your crypto assets can rise and you may become instant
millionaires. That was the case in late 2017. It took some guts for those people to believe in this new
way of making money.

The easiest way of making money derives from investing and compounding.
I am talking mostly about passive income.
Truly there are many other ways. If you are working 80hr/week while you get pay $100/hour,
you make good money yearly but that is hard way of earning your living.
You will earn yearly close to $400k and leave confortably but you will have
less time enjoying this life.


Crypto brings something very interesting. Away from mining and working from
your pc, earning in #crypto resembles passive income.
Did you realize in 2018 the world accumulated $14+ trillions in wealth.
You do not have to look far where the wealth has been stored.
North America and Europe are holding the creme. Asia(China included) is coming strong.
Latin America is maintaining their trait. India is not too far from the pack.
Africa has a long way to go, but they are coming.

One key aspect of the world wealth, internet is well prominent.
You need traffic and you need to be connected in order to grwoth this wealth.
Now the world is sitting around $300+ trillions. This number is always changing.
Now it could be more in 2020. When you take into account all these numbers and you say to yourself
what about crypto?

Again whatever number you see, it is all valuation. Things can change at any given time.
Crypto is now more than $200 billion valuation. Jeff and Bernard have more value than the whole
crypto market put together.
I did not mention Bill and the Waltons. Now you are thinking deep and see where is crypto
in this market.
Crypto does not run the financial world. #crypto put an indication change needs to come
for the benefit of all.

Do you own any #crypto? Owning crypto is a supportive action towards your peers.
The world economy is telling you to stay away from it and invest.
This is an idea that support one theory.
You need to educate yourself and to a certain degree, get yourself some crypto the same way
you get yourself some stocks and shares. Just hold some in a safe #wallet.

Crypto has challenges. They can be worrisome.
The frequent one is volatility. As a new avenue of value, things will move pretty fast.
The ones that anchored down will find result.
I think most people should invest in #crypto the same way they put money in 401k.
You put a portion every month and you forget about it.
This way the coins you value will rise in due time.
Please do your research before you invest. no difference than buying a piece of a company.
People forget we are all humans, just trust the ones that you like.
You will fit in like the pioneer who started this revolution in 2009.
Stay tuned!

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