Hanging around and staying busy I feel different
the way next year will come.
I do not put much thought to a new year.
One year I see 2019 did get by so fast.

Wednesday morning, people will still breathing and work
will be open as well.
One thing that is always on and open : cryptocurrency.
Since we are the one maintaining the ledger on the blockchain.
cryptocurrency emulated the needs of humans being.

Let's say #BTC is holding at $7100+ per coin.
Holiday or not people still trading crypto.
Should we focus on regulation from the US?
Evidently we need some sort, to avoid others using crypto
to scam other people.

Spread the news about bitcoin.
Let us hope #crypto needs to win people's heart and become the reason
to season.
Not an easy task, we have to stalk and invite more to join.
In the same token, the value of #steem is not that great beginning 2019.
Still not great to begin 2020.
We are losing value due to inflation and dumping.

STEEM is definitely moving forward with SMT coming soon.

steem-engine enables tribes creating more tokens part of sidechain and blockchain
of steem.
The power of a community relies onboarding.
Communities will be a deal breaker starting when it is no longer in Beta.
So much can be said and written about #steem.
Life continues...

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Wishing you all the best for 2020!

29.12.2019 10:25

Wishing you a very happy new year in advance man.

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29.12.2019 12:45

Thank you for hanging around and make steem a better place

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30.12.2019 05:30

You never contact me, I need your help please

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29.12.2019 18:54