I usually do not play game but lately I am giving this one a try on the steem blockchain.
Games are not new in crypto. #steem is no different in that aspect.
I have to say we have many games in the chain.
My interest to this game is all about the implementation of #steem-engine.
I am doing most of my deal in there with #jahm token.

At first I did not get a blink about it.
Going through discord, ask questions change my approach.
So far I am building my city and putting together a team to reach a foundation.
I read a post earlier by @crypticat from @reggaesteem. the game has to do with math and what is needed
to balance your city properly.

Yes it is a game. But deep inside you are doing your best to be the top player.
That way you can earn #steem-engine token #sim and you get to earn weekly a piece
of the reward pool.
You need to spend to keep your city in check.
You may have to do some purchases and sales along the way.
It is a statistical game that you need to have enough workers to feel the need of your city.
I got robbed twice so far.
I need to understand how to prevent it from happening.
Though it is a city. If people are not working they will do something else.

Big thanks to @donald.porter for inviting us from @reggaesteem to be part of it.
By the way I mentioned earlier this game uses #steem-engine tokens.
It is a good way to get more steemians onboard and build your city and earn.
Keep these in mind:

  • You can use your credentials to tap into the game.
  • The game is not hard but you need to go to discord and many will help you.
  • This game used the new NFT token from #steem-engine team.
  • This game is in beta, so it will get better every day.
  • Please visit the info

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How many tokens are you using to
participate in this game?

What is the reward factor?
How much can you win?
What are the chances of losing?
How many people are playing?
How long does the game take, time wise?
Do you have to be over 18 to play? hehehe

Do another post and answer these questions
and any other inquiries people may present
to you. Waiting for your annswers.
Inquisitive minds need to know.

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06.03.2020 21:46

I will definitely dig deeper and get back to you and @reggaesteem will get a nicer view of @steemcity

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07.03.2020 01:53

Hopefully a few tribe members will read your post. Become inquisitive enough to reach out and ask some questions beside the select group responders.

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07.03.2020 02:18

i will try, thanks

16.03.2020 14:43

@tipu curate

07.03.2020 12:36

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 10/15 - need recharge?)

07.03.2020 12:36