we are pushing deeply into November.
We are ready to say goodbye to 2019.
Suddenly #btc is dropping again below $9k.
Since I do research to comprehend the reason behind the drop, all writers are clueless.
The details they posted are clearly imaginary and they
Only dictate what the graphs tell them.

Lately the crypto market behavior is hard to predict.
We all wish for a rise but most people are ready to dump.
Interesting factor we all know, the crypto market has no day off.
Being trade 24/7 is beneficial for both parties.
By Sunday afternoon you can witness a positive in the price going forward.


I like this standing among all cryptos.

btc is red by itself.

I guess many crypto holders do not like the tendency of #btc dropping.
Since many cryptos get exchange through #bitcoin
It causes a headache for all.
We want to build a dependency away from bitcoin.
It will be a long way from today.
Each coin has a story that doesn’t stand as legit as bitcoin.
We like the anonymous factor in #btc dna, where all other coins and token start from someone we know.
The trust factor is stronger with bitcoin.


Even #steem is in the positive as well.
It appears the price of #steem is stable around $ 0.14 cents. Glad we have so much use case for it.
I am an hodler and continue to hold till the end of time.
I barely think of #btc when I think of steem.
Two different beasts with two different ideas in place.

SMT and closer to home #tribes from steem-engine are setting a path for actions only holders will benefit.

We need to bring more like minded to this blockchain.
As the focus is shifting price one day will be a value that will enchant our resources and resolutions to move forward.

Stay put!

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Hello Sir Pouchon. I missed your chat on discord. Please do check. Thanks a lot.

10.11.2019 14:33