My Actifit Report Card: January 13 2020

Just like that Valverde had shown the door
at Barça.
It sounds really weird to see a manager leaves
when his team is leading the main competition.
Apparently there were discomfort between the front office and Valverde.

In the meantime Zidane, you can easily win La Liga.
Losing to Atletico is not something Barça front office
Will accept.
Ironically Real won Supercopa.
They feel like Real can win more if they do not make a change.

Drama was surrounding the team for the last couple years.
Not much to show in the Champions League.
Lack of scorers even thought they won la Liga.
Expectations will always be high to coach Barça
The new guy Quique will make miracles.
Let us see how he handles Barça.
Stay tuned



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