Etiquette, many would say it’s outdated and pertains to those who are old-fashioned.
It could be the manifest of style for a group of people.
Should one think of it this way?
But, what is it?

Etiquette is a conventional requirements as to social behavior.
Basically social behavior that is accepted.
While I am writing about this subject, I am thinking about how
millennial writes in social media.
This could be an entire article just by itself.

I’ve learned that there are different types of etiquette depending on the environment.
-Workplace etiquette
-Table manners and meal etiquette
-Professionalism etiquette
-Communication etiquette
-Meetings etiquette

Today, I’m going to take the time to explain Table manners and etiquette.
Here are the basics:
•Placing your napkin on your lap when sitting at the table.
•Chewing with your mouth closed
•Not eating until everyone has received their food
•Not reaching across the table, but instead passing dishes and condiments left/ right to a companion until it gets to you
•Ordering items in a similar price range as your companions
•Not snapping your fingers at your server
•After the meal is over, partially folding your napkin and placing it left of your plate

Although etiquette is very interesting, it is necessary because it puts a boundary against what is acceptable social behavior and what is not.
Before I square off, #steemians adhere to a certain etiquette in the blockchain.
With tribes and soon to be widespread communities you will witness a shift where everyone will respect
each other to a consensus.
As off right now we are building this system for more than three years.
We all play by the rule and principles are what keep us afloat in this inflation
system. Thanks to the latest HF less and less issues arise and downvote put a break
on unwanted situations.
We managed to hold and keep #steem in the top 100.
2020 is already upon us.
This is the year to rise up and take our place in the top 20.
For quite sometimes, it is the etiquette of a few hundred steemians
to SPUD.
I am planning to get mine done sometimes today.
500 steem should be my plan.
Let us put #steem where it should be.
Keep on #stackin.


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