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It is not possible to use most of the bank cards we use nowadays without cash and payment methods. Of course, some can fulfil their wishes with fiat currencies, but I'm sure that will eventually disappear over time. Places like businesses (restaurants, bars, cafes, etc.) around us will only take place by taking out cash to facilitate payments. Today, I will tell you about a project that will provide you with convenience.


► Project objective

The project contains very acceptable content on many subjects. With an essential API change, it is Mobilum in a decentralized ecosystem with a built-in wallet and XCard card. This simple and powerful idea aims to change both crypto and fiat funds. It will also be essential to state that they are seeking for a platform that will be instant in their transfers. The main element of this platform system will be an XCard that will accommodate all existing cryptocurrencies. In this way, it will provide a very high-quality service to its users.


One of the most important and positive details about XCard is that the financial institutions in countries such as Latvia and Estonia will be based on a licensed basis. This will also happen with Visa, where XCard can use services like SEPA. In short, credit card XCard can be used safely for non-cash payments.


► Principle and advantages

Developers of the XCard project team have successfully used current developments in the credit card area and systems tailored to cryptocurrencies. In this way, you are opening an account in the bank easier and faster way to create a credit card. Before that, after reading and confirming the specified operating requirements of the XCard, the authorization for use will be realized. You will then be ready to perform all your transactions.


XCard is still under development and is progressing with innovations in every new process. And it will keep moving forward. XCard will adequately accommodate the structure of users and data validation in all ecosystems. It is committed to fulfill many procedures.



► Token

The project team developed a token with the symbol name DEXA within the ERC20 standards. With this token, it will be able to be used in the online system within the platform ecosystem as well as other processes.

Token = DEXA
Platform = Ethereum
PreICO Price 1 DEXA = 0.00003 USD
Price 1 DEXA = 0.00005 USD
Soft cap = 400.000 USD
Hard cap = 2.300,000 USD
Tokens for sale = 50.000,000,000



► Final words

When we foresee the situation in the financial services market, we can clearly say that what comes out of the existence of systems like Mobilum and XCard will offer many opportunities and quality usage for all its users. If you have read my article to see the advantages of these opportunities, you have learned.

But if you want to know more about the project, I added the official sources of the project at the beginning of the article. By providing access to these official resources, you can learn more about the advantages and opportunities of the project. If you want to get involved in this exciting project, get involved in sales processes and don't miss it!



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To revolutionize the world of money transfers, Dexa Coin uses blockchain technology. In today's world, companies and banks still use traditional methods that are time consuming and inconvenient. Dexa Coin is changing these priorities!

17.09.2019 21:42

The idea is interesting; I believed in the success of the team.

17.09.2019 21:44

Team is well experienced and sending and receiving money around the globe many companies are offering what make this project unique is the can communicate with each other using their app.

17.09.2019 21:45

A revolutionary APP that will simplify the way we send and recei ve money around the globe while all owing people to communicate through an inbuilt instant messaging feature.

17.09.2019 21:46