Wednesday Walk - Fall is Coming, the Geese are Flying South, the Trees are Adorned in Their Autumn Colors...

I love the changing seasons bringing new sights, smells and sounds every day!
It makes for our regular walks up the hill much more interesting for you never know what vistas may appear or what surprise events may happen!

I'm grateful for @tatoodjay 's initiative of the #Wednesdaywalk which encouraged me to take my camera along for my walks and share what it is like in our part of the world!

For those of you who may not know I live in the Boreal Forest of Saskatchewan, Canada surrounded by nature's beauty and abundance! I did my best to capture that beauty with the changing of the seasons and the vibrant fall colors but if you ever get a chance to come up to the Boreal forests for the fall season it really is one of the best times of the year! The bugs are gone, the birds are flocking up and beauty abounds! I wish there was some way of sharing the smells of autumn approaching but alas, not possible for me yet!

This season we seemed to get our fall weather early with below average cool temperatures and lots of wet weather ( as a photographer I can't complain about the grey days for it often created very good lighting for taking photos!) Then we had a sharp change of weather come in with the full moon to warmer sunny weather which really bought out the aromas of the damp, decaying foliage, a real earthy smell!

Rich Reds and Gold Adorn the Trees and Shrubs on Our Walk

red leaves in trees Don walking Bruno up road to hill.JPG

Colorful Leaves Adorn Our Pathway

walking dog through colorful fallen leaves.JPG

And my Wednesday Walks wouldn't be the same without a picture of Bruno who loves our walks to the top of the hill so much!

Bruno Enjoying the Colorful View on Top of the Hill

Bruno smiling color in trees in the background best.JPG

On the wetter days we couldn't go up the road to the hill but took the road to the pond instead where we were dazzled by the rich colors along the roadside.

The Rich Reds of the Fireweed and The Purple of the Asters Decorate the Ditches

deep rich red of the fireweed among the fall asters.JPG

I couldn't seem to get enough of the brilliant red of the fireweed...

Brilliant Red Fireweed Growing by a Young Spruce Tree

red fireweed plant and young spruce.JPG

Flaming Red of the Fireweed Among the Translucent Orange Choke Cherry Bush

red fireweed and brilliant orange choke cherry folliage.JPG

Last of the Purple Hyssop Highlighted with the Red Fireweed

purple hyssop with red fireweed and popular trees in background.JPG

Another plant adorned in their brilliant red colors were the wild roses...

One of the Many Deep Red Roses Putting on a Show by the Road

brilliant red foliage of roses at roadside.JPG

Close Up of the Brilliant Red Foliage of the Wild Rose

brilliant red fall foliage of the wild rose.JPG

Among the red rose and fireweed foliage was the golden foliage of the dog-bane making a delightful display among the young spruce growing beside the road.

Colorful Foliage of the Roses Fireweed and Dog-bane Dress Up the Roadside

young spruce and red and gold foliage.JPG

We'll end our walk with a visit to the neighbor's horse pasture which also carried a red and orange coloration...

Colorful Horse Pasture with Silhouette of the Black Mare

horse on hill red coloring from evening sun and colored trees.JPG

Another spectacle that was bought about by the continuing cool and wet weather was flocks and flocks of geese flying south, aware of the soon approaching colder seasonal weather!

Flocks of Geese Flying Over Our Home in the Boreal Forest

I hope you enjoyed a little showing of our colorful fall days. It's that brilliant display of color that helps us forget that the warm summer days are over and we're heading to the colder winter months!

Pictures and video were taken with my Canon Powershot A495 ( I didn't want to take my new Canon camera out in the damp weather)

Thanks for stopping by!
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Comments 41

So much beauty!! And I love your GSD. We have a long-haired GSD. Such an awesome breed of dog.

19.09.2019 03:51

We use to have a long hair Shepard - people just loved him!
This fellow, Bruno is a pretty fine specimen of a dog! I love to watch him up on the hill top being free!

19.09.2019 04:10

You sure do have a stud there. Any variety of GSD tugs on my heartstrings. I just love the breed. Such smart, loyal, and beautiful dogs. My guy is getting up there in age. I get sad when I think about it. He is such a silly dog. Loves to be playful and does that typical GSD head tilt when you talk to him. He hops around and is just so silly. I love him to pieces.

19.09.2019 04:19

He sounds like a wonderful companion to have around! That is one thing sbout the larger breeds of dogs, they don't live as long! Our last German Shepard libed to be 14years.

23.09.2019 02:27

Aww well I can only hope to get that many years out of our guy. He is going on 11 now. So far he still acts like a pup. Just a few small noticeable changes as he gets older but still has his spunk. I do know they are expected to live from 9-14 years so he for sure is a senior. He sure does bring us joy.

23.09.2019 04:33

The colors of autumn are really shining through in the canopies.

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19.09.2019 04:35

That looks like a lovely place to live. Quite a contrast to the concrete jungle that I live in.

19.09.2019 04:36

The place where you live is ideal to see the transition from summer to autumn. It is ideal for walking, it is ideal for Bruno and I think he will say that.
Nature is great! Thank you for showing us some of it. $trdo

19.09.2019 07:18

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19.09.2019 07:19

Thank you!

19.09.2019 08:04

Thank you!

23.09.2019 02:24

What a simply splendid post. It's leaf peeping time !

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19.09.2019 07:52

Loved the red in front of the spruce! You are, of course, farther along in color that us here in New England. We've another 2 -3 weeks before we reach that level. But last night it was 38F and will be in the 60's today. It's a cooler September than we've seen in several years.

But I am not complaining as I've gotten a lot of work done in the gardens.

Love your Wednesday walks and look forward to them each week. :))

19.09.2019 08:35

Yes fall comes early hear - zone 2. I'm really enjoying that we haven't had any frost yet being our first expected frost date is around the 7th of September! I think it is the light that tiggers the change in the plsnts and trees. Are days are getting much shorter now.

23.09.2019 02:33

Zone 4 here and we've already had 2 frosts. But the 3rd week of Sept is our typical time for them.

23.09.2019 08:30

Porters, I think you've been successful in transmitting not only the colour essence of Autumn in your photographs but all the earthy aromas in imagining what it would be like to BE there. Enjoying, savoring every moment.

19.09.2019 08:43

Glad you are enjoying it! I have more to come!

23.09.2019 02:34

What a beautiful area fir a walk and clear signs of the colors of the changing seasons
Such lovely warm fall colors

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)


19.09.2019 08:53

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19.09.2019 08:53

Thank you!

23.09.2019 02:24

Oh, autumn! It's the season I love the most apart from spring. A little cool, a little warm, and we get to watch the transition of nature...too bad the seasons don't exist in Malaysia! It's summer all year long, oh, and the haze season, which is now...haha...

19.09.2019 09:46

I would miss the changing seasons although come the dead of winter when it's - 30 below Celsius I kind of think I could do without winter!
Glad you enjoyed my post!

20.09.2019 04:12

I just spent some time in Canada. It was getting cold in central Ontario. I lived away from there for so long I forgot how early fall starts. Summer is over and bamn, colorful leaves. However, it is the best time for a walk.

19.09.2019 12:57

I love the fall for the colors! It keeps me in awe for there are changes every day then we will get a big wind and - bam! It's over!

23.09.2019 02:37

I love looking at the colour change of season in other countries, so much beauty.

19.09.2019 15:28

Noisy waves of geese streaming overhead against grey skies, autumn warm colours to cheer you up @porters, have a wonderful day and thanks for sharing.

When you said flying south, I did a double take thinking, Oh yes you are far up north so they would be seeking warmer areas now.

19.09.2019 16:58

Do you have birds migrating there in Africa?

20.09.2019 04:13

Enjoy that walk a lot, and you're absolutely right, Bruno gave the majestic touch to photo N 2,

And the special touch, the video with the Geese. Regards.

19.09.2019 19:03

Ha! Pin a note for me on one of the emigrating birds my friend.
It must be lovely to live in a forest. I have worked in a few on the electrical towers that feed the towns, but have only spent a few too short weeks in them.

19.09.2019 19:14

I do love living in the forest where I can just step out my door and enjoy it's beauty and abundance!
I think these geese only migrate to southern United States or Mexico I don't think they would fly overseas to another continent but you must have birds migrating from the northern parts there to the south? That would be cool to send messages with them!

20.09.2019 04:17

Hahaha, if only we could send messages with them my friend.
We have many birds the migrate overseas and they have tracked a few that flies from South Africa all of the way to Russia. Via rests in other countries on the way.
Hope that you guys have a good Friday.

20.09.2019 08:19

Those are some really nice colours forming on the leaves, really enjoyed going on this walk with you in the countryside!

We're still clinging on to the summer here with a late surge in temperatures to the mid 20 (celsius), mornings are a bit cold now but until the clocks go back, I'm not ready to say "cheerio" to summer yet!

19.09.2019 20:10

Very beautiful. Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons ... sometimes)))

19.09.2019 20:47

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20.09.2019 04:03

Thank you very much for the curation!

20.09.2019 04:18

@porters I envy you the blessing of living so close to such beautiful natural scenery! I grow bored with endless rounds around the city park, but we do drive to state parks often for some hiking. You take beautiful photos, I love the one with the horse standing in the distance. And the video was a nice added touch.

20.09.2019 14:12

I would be taking lots of trips to state parks too if I lived in the city! I' glad you liked my photography! I just got a new camera I'm having fun with and trying to find out all it is capable of. I am pretty careful with it though and I didn't want to take out in wet weather so I used my old point and shoot for most of these ones.

23.09.2019 02:46

What a wonderful fall walk, @porters. I need to study our red foliage in the meadows and roadsides and see if I can help identifying it. I’m so impressed that you know the names of all those different flowers and shrubs.

21.09.2019 01:16

It's kind of been a passion of mine, identifying plants and their uses ever since my dad use to take us on field trips when we were younger and there were biologists in the group who would identify plant for us. I was thinking of putting a book together of the different photos I had taken of wild flower blooms through the seasons. Photography is another passion of mine!

23.09.2019 02:05

Your photos are fantastic! The fireweed and asters blooming together takes my breath away. We are only just beginning to se hints of change here.

22.09.2019 02:45

Yes it seemed to start changing colors here fairly early but we haven't had any frost yet so I am keeping my fingers crossed that we will have a nice long Fall to enjoy the colors!

23.09.2019 02:50