4 Warning Signs You May Be Living Your Life on Autopilot - A Mindful Living Alert...

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Consider this -
You're driving your daughter to a playdate. Most of the time while you are driving you are worried about things like losing your job which is a stressful job. When you get to your destination, you realized you're actually at the grocery store, not your child's friend’s house.
You had been on “autopilot” for most of that drive - you were not fully present in that moment. Researchers say that the average person spends over half their time on autopilot. If you are living on autopilot, and are not being engaged in the moment, you’re missing out on your life.

Four warning signs that you may be living on autopilot:

1.Constantly Checking Your Phone
To fill your idle moments, you check your phone. Check emails at red lights. You respond to text messages when you’re in the waiting room. You dictate your to do list into your phone while you’re driving. You’re constantly connected to your smartphone, but you’re disconnected from the world around you.

2.Frequently Complaining
We all complain somewhat, about all different things but if you notice that you’re frequently complaining about the same things, then you might be living on autopilot.
When you’re on autopilot, it’s tough to notice the good things in your day. You can’t enjoy the pleasant things in life if you’re always focused on the negative.

3.Eating Mindlessly
Wow! Your plate is empty but you can’t remember what your food tasted like or perhaps you just realized you’ve eaten more food than you thought you did. This type of disconnect between your body and mind can lead you to overeat and to not enjoy your meals.

4.Letting Life Happen to You
You have a few goals but mostly you’re letting yourself drift along in life and you spend most of your time reacting to life, rather than living it. That's okay in a crisis where you’re focused on survival and there's no time to tackle anything else.
Hopefully most of your life will not be lived in a crisis so it's time to disengage autopilot. Stop accepting what’s happening as if you have no control over your life.
Living on autopilot is a habit and it will take some effort to disengage from it. Just take it one moment at a time and soon you will be fully living from moment to moment!

Be present in your present!

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Great tips for staying present!

15.07.2019 22:37

Lol. Ive had a LOT of mindless moments I can tell you. That feeling you get when you walk into a room and you are like: what am I here for?

But Im more conscious these days, or at least I NOTICE whrn Im being mindless...

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16.07.2019 02:59

I hear ya on that one - having lots of mindless moments!
Glad to hear you are being more concious or at least noticing when you are being mindless - that's kind of where I'm at too!
It's funny when I catch myself and I think "why the heck was I tripping down that train of thought or mindless wandering" and I pull myself back into the moment - we miss so much not living our lives in the present moment!

16.07.2019 03:15

We do don't we? That's why this practice is always worth it. You live more of life that way period anyway what am I doing here when I am meant to be meditating haha

16.07.2019 04:45


This is so in tune with my #thoughtfuldailypost initiative!

Be present in your present!

Yes!! Put down those smart-phones! Pay attention to those that you interact with... like my #tdp... trying to spread positive energy through a simple notion of quality engagement. I do understand the notion of auto-pilot... each day certainly follows the next, in terms of chores, monotonous daily routines, that really do almost have us like a robot... your examples are perfect as well!!

  • Constantly Checking Your Phone...
  • Frequently Complaining...
  • Eating Mindlessly...
  • Letting Life Happen to You...

All prime examples of your wonderful posts message, combined with my thoughtful initiative; if you have writers block, from trying to do the same things over and over again... unplug... think about something positive that you are thoughtful for... and write a quick example, of the awesome that's inside you!

Thank you my friend, for taking part of my #thoughtfuldailypost initiative... I truly appreciate it...


16.07.2019 03:14

I admit it, I have been guilty of all of the above. I haven't driven to the store instead of a child's friends house. I have driven to work when I was headed to the store on a Saturday. I have eaten full meals and wonder if I ate after I was done. I know a sad place to be.

When you are so completely consumed by your job it's time to do a complete overhaul or shut that door.

16.07.2019 03:44

Very real situations you are painting here as I look at the tiny screen of my mobile to type this answer. Technology is a dangerous trap that occupies our lives to such an extent we cannot live without. We need to be more mindful and take care not to disappear behind our screens.

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16.07.2019 04:24

How true!

23.07.2019 14:33

I'm seeing most of those signs happening around me. Sometimes I feel that I am just drifting along the river of live. But there are times that I am in control and refuse on what is happening. Making actions to take control. I guess there are some moments on autopilot or maybe I am slowly headed there completely.

16.07.2019 09:24

Yes! Take control and be more in the present moment. It can make for a fuller life!

23.07.2019 14:35

I find this happens way too often during my busy school months. I'm basically just like a robot lol. Sometimes just a small adventure or adding something new will kind of kickstart me back into the world though.

16.07.2019 13:58

What are you taking in school? Nothing like a new adventure or a new pursuit to bring you back to the present moment!

23.07.2019 14:38

Just started doing a science degree :) so it gets pretty crazy sometimes.

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23.07.2019 16:06

Thank you for your reminding ;-)

Be present in your present!

So it is. And i want to add that i like the english expression "present" (Präzenz in german) because at the same time it is the word for a "present" (Geschenk) that you give (or get) to/from someone. Make yourself a present being present ;-)

16.07.2019 15:51

Great article @porters

Makes me think of the Sam Harris video - It Is Always Now

16.07.2019 17:55

Hey thanks for the mindful Monday, reminding us to be here now, I enjoy reading about your insights. Coming to steemit as a daily blogger has helped me to be more goal oriented, and focused on making the most of my time, otherwise there have been seasons of just coasting along, although paradoxically even they were seasons of enjoying the moment, whereas now I'm goal oriented much more than the past few years, so I see it as cyclic phases of activity and passivity.

16.07.2019 19:56

i just wish that this post would be on spanish, this is a great content that need to be spreaded (: i want to show it to my mates but they speak only spanish and they need this kind of reads. good day <3.

24.07.2019 03:17

Will Google translate not work on it otherwise I am of no help for I speak no Spanish!

24.07.2019 21:04