Facebook banned censored me for political cartoon of Mark Zuckerberg

Censorship video by #markzuckerberg #facebook #appreviews

It's happened before when this following cartoon was posted about a year ago it was 3 day then 7 day than 28 days consecutively I was banned I have it recorded and I made videos.

The wheel of fortune found myself banned by Facebook for just commenting on the news this Drudge Report headline.

You know he took a beating by AOC and Tlaib.
and I was just trying to help the guy out !

And in the other cartoon I was just trying to point out that Sheryl sandberg life could be in danger.

The biggest threat to democrats is each other. Just warning people that work at Facebook. The minions are the 1st to go.

Many people are sending their undercover videos to project Veritas maybe Facebook employees should report on the crimes in the company and inherit their positions? You will be given platforms in major media and be considered heroes.

Once you're in you can't get out and if you find yourself in there you can't get out unless you take part.

What do we know about Patsy's and set ups and CIA?
The Dakota was where John Lennon lived and this movie was filmed there too and there's a lot of references. He also goes into a little of the mind control and the triggers. He brings up The Beatles the Faul Paul ..Beatles..

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