Remember Folks...

I'm not doing this for the Money...

I'm doing it for all the Posts being ATTACKED and INTIMIDATED by SCUM-BAG FLAGGERS...

I'm aware of the System they Created to Defend themselves...

They are quickly there, to up-vote anyone I down-vote...

They actually do much better if someone Down-Votes them, because they are quickly Up-Voted by another SCUM-BAG TEAM MEMBERS...

The SCUM-BAG-AWARD for this Post, goes to @anthonyadavisii for his recent Comment and Down-Vote...

What a nerve, telling me how to play this Steemit Game... Shame on you...

I'd like them to show me the Rule that says I can't TRANSFER my STEEM TOKENS to anyone I CHOOSE...

January 27, 2020... 19.4 Hollywood Time...

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Thank you for this most prestigious award. It is quite an honor..

:Steps up to podium. Shuffles cards::

I wanna thank my mom, my dad, the @steemflagrewards community that have stood by my side, and all you token manipulators that have made this all possible.

I couldn't have done it without you all!

:Takes a bow. Exits stage right::

28.01.2020 04:16

You got a 7.69% upvote from @minnowvotes courtesy of @pocketechange!

28.01.2020 06:01

Flagged for spam @steemflagrewards

28.01.2020 08:47

Steem Flag Rewards mention comment has been approved for SFR Token Issuance!

Tokens will be transferrred when the flagged content reaches payout.

Thank you for reporting this abuse, @slobberchops.

  • spam
    You are repetitively posting the same content or recyling contents after a period of time.

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29.01.2020 22:20

This post has received a 11.49 % upvote from @boomerang.

28.01.2020 14:46