If anyone here, doesn't like what I'm doing, put me on MUTE...

I have no reason to continue putting out Quality Posts, with little rewards...

I decided to do BATTLE with all the Scum-Bag Down Voters...

The MUTE option is always available to anyone who isn't interested in me, or what I write about...

The Scum-Bag-Award for this Post, goes to @steemflagrewards...

@steemflagrewards is responsible for the MOB of ZOMBIE VOTERS...

January 27, 2020... 19.0 Hollywood Time...

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Cool story, bro. 😎

Prepare you bumhole. Rewards about to get wiped. 🚽

No homo

Flagged for bid bot misuse. Possible vote farming. @steemflagrewards

28.01.2020 04:24

Ok besides my joking around. I tend to make light of these militant antidownvote crusaders.

I'm gonna try to help you out. Not really planning to wipe the rewards but it was really the only way I could make the bunghole joke... stick 💩

You seem to have a fundamental misunderstanding about how the reward pool works. Muting is the equivalent if sweeping the problem under the rug and by problem i mean you farming bid bot votes on sub par content.

This isn't really bid to the upper orbit so not high on the list of priorities thus I'm not very interested atm.

Us at SFR care about manipulative hacks affect on distribution / inflation and we want to be good stewards of our shared reward pool. Thus we've taken it upon ourselves to do something.

It's not a glamorous gig. Kind if think of us as trashmen errr. I mean sanitation engineers. The labor often goes unappreciated but there are a select few that know our positive impact.

<it's not much but ita honest work. Jpeg>

You just dug yourself into your own ego it seems. Its not too late. You can flip the script.

Or you can continue the bid bot facilitated slander campaign and it may or may not get flagged to reduce your paid vote ROI.

It's your call if you want to join the hall of shame or be part of the esteemed SFR ranks. Bet you its more fun than playing with yourself using bid bots. If so, I'll call you Jerry from now on.

It's an inside joke

28.01.2020 04:40

You got a 7.69% upvote from @minnowvotes courtesy of @pocketechange!

28.01.2020 06:01

Flagged for spam @steemflagrewards

28.01.2020 08:47

Steem Flag Rewards mention comment has been approved for SFR Token Issuance!

Tokens will be transferrred when the flagged content reaches payout.

Thank you for reporting this abuse, @slobberchops.

  • spam
    You are repetitively posting the same content or recyling contents after a period of time.

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29.01.2020 22:20

Why mute you when I don't follow you? I really don't give a shit what you have to say, but I do care about how Steem rewards are distributed and buying votes with your other account is not how it's supposed to work. I free rewards up for others. The SFR tokens I may earn from that get used to support underrewarded posts.

Love and peace.

28.01.2020 08:51

This post has received a 11.49 % upvote from @boomerang.

28.01.2020 14:46