The Honda CR-V Review Week

This week's review car is the Honda CR-V hybrid.

It utilises an Atkinson cycle engine in other words it has a CVT and two electric motors one for a charging one to propel the vehicle.

Overall the SUV is very well trimmed full of premium materials, very roomy - top tech too including LED lights and lots of safety kit too.

Active cruise control with lane keep assist even a heads up display that you can operate with a button.

The model we have is the EX this is the highest trim level and comes with lots of extras.

Our model has permanent all wheel drive and operating the drive system on this vehicle is quite interesting you have buttons rather than a shifter.

The EX we have retails for just under £38,000 is very well kitted out has 18 inch wheels, leather, wood style trim and an electric driver's seat.

When it comes to performance0-62 in 9.2 seconds and if you go for the 2 Wheel drive that will do it in 8.8.

It is a smart looking vehicle very well teched up is even has cornering fogs, great styling not too dissimilar to the original CRV except for a discreet hybrid badge on the rear.

It's silent as a mouse in electric mode and can roar in Sport mode as far as economy it can offer a combined mileage of around 51 to the gallon.

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