Subaru XV e-Boxer Review & Road Test

Subaru XV now available as a hybrid.

Powered by a 2L petrol engine the flat four coupled to a linearTronic CVT with the addition of a 17 brake horsepower electric motor.

In our review you'll see what the XV E boxer is truly capable of and this is just touching the surface it has a ride height of 220 mm and a wading depth of 500 mm which you will see us test.

There has been a lot of storms meaning we could just drive down main roads and find something that was literally that deep, we then went in search of snow and why wouldn't you when you have symmetrical permanent all wheel drive with the addition of X mode and Subaru's eyesight.

The model we have is the SE premium and it retails for just under £33,000, economy is a little better than the combustion model as well at around 10% more.

0-62mph in around 10.7 seconds and as this is a hybrid you'd expect some of the practicality to be compromised but that's not the case.

The electric motor helps with torque and also helps in off-roading and when you start coasting at higher speeds the electric motor will run the car, you can run on pure electric up to 25 mph you also have stop start.

This is a great crossover well finished with a funky interior and practicality that would suit the whole family all in all just what you expect from Subaru

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14.03.2020 13:36