Nissan Navara 2019 N-Guard Review and Road Test

The Nissan Navara N-Guard is a smart and capable pick up truck, with a lot going for it.

It's got a 2.3 Litre, dCi Twin Turbo engine, and a 7 speed automatic gearbox. Prices for the range starting at £20,500.00, and the N-Guard costs just over £35,500.00.

This pick up will get you from 0 to 62 mph in 10.8 seconds, and delivers 450 Newton metres of torque - and if you wondering if it's capable it can carry one tonne on its bed and also tow 3 1/2 tonnes, putting this pick up firmly in the workhorse category. It's also very good off-road too, thanks to its ladder chassis

The model we have here costs just over £39,000 with optional extras, and is Euro 6. Standard features include 18 inch alloy wheels, LED headlights, daytime running lights and door mirrors, hill start assist, cruise control with speed limiter, rear parking sensors and a 360° camera to name but a few.

Optional extras include the bedliner with black roll cover and styling bars.

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