Honda NSX 1990 Review and Road Test

You'll likely remember in the summer we had a rather special heritage vehicle from Honda.

Here it is the NSX review, this particular car was Ayrton Senna's company car and is signed by his nephew Bruno just under the boot lid.

The car is powered by a 3 litre 24 valve naturally aspirated engine, and the thing that sets this apart is also has VTEC, it's around 270bhp and this one is an automatic 4 speed.

It has a mid engine configuartion, and was dubbed the Everyday Supercar, there was also a 3.2 litre manual available as well as an NSX R and NSX T.

The car is of aluminium construction and weighs around 1.4 tonnes, it also has paint that looks as good today as it did 30 years ago, this is due to it having a 23 step paint process.

The V6 is located behind the driver and passenger and is accessible from under the rear of the glass cockpit.

The concept of the interior layout and glass cockpit is that of an F16.

This car returns around 23mpg and puts a smile on your face constantly, it offers an amazing driving experience, this particular car has done just over 24k miles and is considered priceless by Honda UK.

This has to be the rarest car we've ever reviewed, and it still leaves us speechless.

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Awesome car👍

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19.08.2019 13:47

This experience was surreal, it really was, thank you

19.08.2019 14:44