Concours of Elegance 2019 Hampton Court Palace UK

This year's concours at Hampton Court was quite staggering from the off as soon as you walk through the gates you know that this is going to be an exceptional automotive event your even met by dapper door men you show your pass and your in.

The bespoke automotive coachbuilers Zagato were there in a big way there must've been over 20 models, it's not just coachwork cars and bespoke models that you'll see, there is literally everything.

Vintage ,classics, supercars everything from the Zagato Aston Martin Vanquish to the classic Mercedes Gullwing to the latest one Maserati.

Now some of this year's highlights certainly were Rolls Royce previously owned by a Maharaja donning 4 shotguns, this won Best car, seeing weaponery on a car is a real rarety in todays world, Stanley Man Bentley and a prisitine McLaren F1.

As always there was a stage right at the back near the fountain, winners etc rolled up onto the stage, and the presenter would give you a brief rundown of the car featured.

Each and every time we stand there and watch these cars enter the grounds, its such an elegant experience the pottering over the gravel, the drivers grinning away and revving happily.

Every year there are different models including a one off Maserati one of our highlights the Stout Scarab from I think it's 1936 powered by a V8 Ford that was set in the rear of the car now this look like something off Fallout it really did.

A great event well worth attending

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