SSG Seattle Meetup and a Surprising Silver Gift!


Yesterday we took a drive south to Seattle to meetup with @dfinney and @summertooth... in the real world. And it was great! It's fun to meet people in person that you have made a connection with online. Considering that we're all on steemit, all in #steemsilvergold, and all live out in the Pacific Northwest it makes conversation easy and comfortable.


The ride down was fantastic with very little traffic and we caught some great views of Mt Baker on the way down. We ended up meeting in our old neighborhood of Green Lake and enjoyed some coffee and donuts at Mighty O donuts. It was a successful meetup and I want to thank you both (@dfinney and @summertooth) for meeting up with us. We were glad that we made it work because it was worth it!

After we were done and said goodbyes we walked back to our car and were approached by two women who told us to 'be careful' because there was a coyote spotted down the next block which was where we were headed.

🐺 🐺 🐺

Of course we saw it after getting into our car but I was unable to get a photo as it was trotting away from us... but it was a close encounter in the city to be sure.

Silver Gift

Anyway apart from the fun we had visiting our old neighborhood, spotting a coyote, and meeting up with some lovely fellow PNW SSGers... I was gifted a wonderful piece of silver from @dfinney... A giant mercury dime!









Here it is next to a, well, a mercury dime for scale!

This was so unexpected and I was delighted to receive this amazing gift...
THANKS @dfinney!!! It's just so fitting... a giant dime from dimesfinney!

Well, that's all for now, be sure to :

Check out @dfinney's post about her weekend and our meetup here.

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DimesFinney rocks for sure. One of these days I hope to make it out there for a meetup since no one lives close to me. Looks like you guys had a great time!

28.07.2019 05:16

It was a fun gathering for sure! You should come out, do some squatch hunting and then meetup! 😆

29.07.2019 00:32

OMG. The top photo! You have ALL the dimes!

I can’t believe you saw a coyote by Greenlake in the middle of the day! That is nuts!

It was great seeing 👀 you! And Mrs Plaid was super cool too. I am glad you were both able to venture down to hang.


28.07.2019 06:00

I have the mother of all dimes now! 😆

Yeah, the coyote in Green Lake was pretty surprising. I've never seen them in the city like that, just outskirts.

We're both glad we came down... we'll have to do it again sometime! :)

29.07.2019 00:34

Thanks @plaid, it was enjoyable for me as well. I ended up on a beautiful sunset ferry ride that night.
Then the next day had to pay 10.5 dimes in tax on my $10 breakfast! Sheesh.

28.07.2019 13:47

That sunset picture is a good one!

28.07.2019 14:53

We'll have to do it again sometime! Beautiful photo from the ferry...
I'm not a fan of the receipt though but for the same reason as you... :)

29.07.2019 00:37

That is one giant dime alright, LOL! Beautiful photos, my friend @plaid? I hope you had a great time meeting up with @dfinney and @summertooth! Did you visit an LCS just for fun?

28.07.2019 15:02

It's a great piece... @dfinney really shouldn't have... almost doesn't seem right that I have it.
I didn't stop at any coin shops, I don't have the budget for silver right now which is another reason this gift was extra special. Thanks for the comments @silversaver888!

29.07.2019 00:40

Sweet big daddy Merk @dfinney. Coyotes near my home tend to shy from people and come out most often at night. I've come close to them on some of my commutes to my job. I can tell if they get too curious and approach me.

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28.07.2019 23:33

I've never seen them in the city like that, so it was quite a surprise.
You are right though, they do tend to shy away from people.
The woman who first told us about the sighting had mentioned that she had called animal control and was told to just leave it be, apparently they just do their thing and slowly make their way back to where they came from... still it was pretty wild!
Thanks for the comments @kerrislravenhill! :)

29.07.2019 00:43

Wish I could come but I got to save up for college

29.07.2019 21:44

Perhaps another time... ;)

30.07.2019 17:55