My Brave BAT Rewards So Far

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Brave Browser

Do you use Brave browser? Are you earning BAT with it? I have been using Brave now for a few months (since May) off and on as sort of a secondary browser. I'm quite pleased with it as a browser at this point and am contemplating making it my primary browser. It's fast as hell, blocks ads, isn't tracking my every move like Google Chrome, and it has a great name and branding... Oh, I also earn crytpo just by using it!

As we just completed the month of July and I'm expecting another payment in the next few days and was wondering how other people are doing with their rewards? Are you earning BAT with Brave? Here's how I'm doing...

Screen Shot 2019-08-02 at 5.52.14 PM.png

As you can see, so far in just a few months I've earned about 19.4 BAT and my estimated payment for the last month (July) is 2.10 BAT. It seems that July wasn't as profitable as the months of May and June. Anyone else experience this? How have your earnings been compared to mine?

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I was going to make a similar post about my brief reports but it's been awhile since I checked I think my total earnings are similar to yours. Are you also running it on your mobile like I have just started to?

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03.08.2019 01:12

Cool, thanks for the comments. I was wondering if I was doing well, average, or below average. It sounds like at the very least we're both earning at a similar rate. Do you use Brave as your primary browser? I have not started using it on my mobile... but by choice up to this point.

03.08.2019 03:22