Domains in the Wild - Week 47


Week 47 (July 2019)

Welcome to Domains in the Wild. In this series I post images of domain names that I've spotted out and about in the real world. Then I write a bit about what I think of each one. It's easy to miss domain names, but they're all around us and play a key role in a companies branding, messaging and design. Spotting them and taking a photo is sort of a fun hunting game to play while you're out and it takes very little effort once you start looking for them. Once you start to play, you will start seeing domains everywhere without even trying.

If you catch any yourself, please share them with us all in the comments.

Without further delay, here are the domain names that I found in the wild recently...

The Domains

It's been a little while since I did a domains in the wild post... I've got to do better! I think that since I've moved it's become harder to spot them daily. Today I've got 3 domains all from large vehicles. I found these domains while out and about. Please note that while catching domains in the wild is fun, it's best to be safe! A few of today's domains were caught while driving! I was driving but did not take the photo and was lucky enough to have a sidekick (not driving) with me take the photos! Be safe, happy domaining!


The first domain up is This domain belongs to a national moving and storage company headquarted in Somerville, MA.

I love this domain. It's a great phrase, only 2 words long and ends in .com. It fits so well with this business. They're big enough to get the job done for you with ease but careful not to damage anything, they're a gentle giant. Perfect.


Next up is This domain belongs to a food supplier in the Pacific Northwest that specializes in natural sweeteners and other baking ingredients. The Aunt Patty's brand was launched in 1983 and is a part of Glory Bee foods.

I like this domain. It's got a nice ring to it despite the fact that it ends with an 's' and it's easy to say and remember. It's a pretty solid brand name and domain.


Finally, we have This domain belongs to a Seattle - Vancouver transportation service. It's a bus shuttle service between the two cities.

I like it. It's another solid 2 word .com that fits perfectly for this company. I'm realizing just now that all of our domains today had that in common too! They are all 2 words and pretty dang good domains! If I had to choose one out of the three to own I would go with The reason being that it just exudes a positive emotion as a phrase in our language and could have multiple uses. It's really a great domain.

Well, that concludes this edition of Domains in the Wild.

If you enjoyed this post or have some domains in the wild to share, leave them in the comments and get an UPVOTE from me!

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16.07.2019 19:02

It’s been many more ones since a domains in the wild post!

When I see them in the wild myself I always think of you! 😄

17.07.2019 03:08

Take some pictures of them and share them with me! 😄

17.07.2019 03:27