What Is SaTT?

SaTT is utility token that enables users to pay for advertising services offered by ATAYEN, Inc. ATAYEN, Inc is an American company that specializes in the development of applications dedicated to business pages on Facebook or any other social media networks.

SaTT is built on the Ethereum blockchain technology, which is fast, secure, cost-efficient, and diverse therefore allowing the distribution of rewards on the internet traffic market equally. This is because all the barriers put up by centralized intermediaries are eliminated.


" How SaTT Smart Advertising Transaction Token Works "

The token is regulated by the decentralized and distributed smart contract, which is responsible for listing all the advertising offers alongside the information stored securely in the Ethereum blockchain. The blockchain includes all the recent offers that enable any API or platform to undertake its operations like posting to make an ad directory or an oracle.

Through its smart contract, SaTT will provide a solution to some of the major challenges that the internet advertising industry faces such as how to recruit and validate advertising campaign partners, quantification of the results of an advertising campaign, fraud, and high fees incurred in using the interface of traditional advertising agencies.

The smart contract sets the conditions required in order to participate in campaigns monitors the success of the campaign through quantifying it and guarantees the publishers payments. Users can search for the advertisements through dedicated APIs.
Why should Advertisers choose the SaTT Token System?

It is data protection - all information is stored in the blockchain, which excludes unauthorized access.
Using smart contracts - they automate the advertising campaign, and its organizer continues to control the situation.

It is payment for efficiency - advertisers pay only for those promotion campaigns that really brought results.

It is many transmitters of advertising - you can choose any existing channels of promotion on the Internet, including social networks and other popular platforms for promotion.

SaTT will issue a stable cryptocurrency known as SaTT tokens which will be based on a private blockchain network thus removing the need for volatility at the same time ensuring a faster transaction than traditional financial services.


A total of 420 million SaTT tokens will be supplied.
The price of one token SaTT on ICO $0.42

" SaTT Token Transaction Conditions "

Transactions through the SaTT smart contracts are only validated if certain preset conditions are met. They include:

If the affiliate meets the criteria, age, sex, audience or city.

The publisher of the advertisement has launched the advertising campaign and the defined oracle returns the result statistics.

Automatic execution of transaction happens as soon as the oracle returns the statistics and the SaTT amount is transferred to the publishers.

SaTT provides an easy-to-use, powerful and fast tool to advertisers who would like to maximize the penetration of their message. The tool identifies the most appropriate medium of communication, the best potential partners and facilitates the broadcasting of advertisements according to the advertiser’s performance objectives.

SaTT will also help publishers in identifying the content for their audience that is profitable and relevant.

SaTT will have a PayBySaTT function installed in the application store, which will make SaTT liquid. The application will allow SaTT holders to purchase exclusive products or services using SaTT and attend or organize events reserved for SaTT holders.


SaTT Benefits

" Decentralized "

The SaTT smart contract is decentralized due to the smart contract it utilizes. This allows developers to create customized tools such as a SaTT-compatible campaign creation tool or a statistics interface.

" Transparency "

Through the blockchain, technology that SaTT implements the transparency of billing data and payments is guaranteed, as falsification is not possible.

" Secure "

In case of hacks or malfunctions, advertisers and their campaigns are not affected since the blockchain technology ensures that the advertisers and campaigns are not connected.

" Statistics "

SaTT’s smart contract communicates with third parties to quantify the performance of a particular campaign and identify the cost of the transaction.



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