Epic Cash in Sierra Leone and Liberia


The Epic Team is currently making our way through Sierra Leone and Liberia. Our African team members are presenting our blockchain, cryptocurrency, and Epicenters to local leaders; moreover, we’re educating and encouraging them to participate in our project and take advantage of Epic Cash and the utility it will provide to African adopters.

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Through our blockchain and first dApp of Epic Private Internet Cash, world markets will emerge and freedom can reign in every corner of the earth. Through cooperation and the privacy Mimblewimble protocol provides, merchant and buyer can be entirely anonymous but do trusted business across borders or locally in the same town they reside. This is voluntary exchange in action, the true illumination and beauty of human action on blockchain.

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Epic will not only emerge as a fantastic store of value over the next 9 years while it catches Bitcoin emissions and reaches singularity with BTC supply but also can emerge as the premier medium of exchange throughout the world.

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Epic Team Members are presenting in this Liberian boardroom next week after our stop in Sierra Leone concludes.

So far, Epic Cash and our travels across the continent of Africa have been very successful and very well received. If you’re interested in meeting up with us on our trip, visit our Telegram Channel and message us, we would love to stop in your country and city.

Links to Project:
Website: www.epic.tech
Telegram: https://t.me/EpicJuly2019

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