What harm is there in wearing a mask?

This is a phrase I hear over and over again lately by peole who choose to wear a mask - "What's the harm in wearing a mask if it makes other people comfortable?". Well, this is my effort to explain just what the harm is.

Wearing a mask is a public display- like wearing a logo on a shirt or dressing a certain sort of way. How you present yourself to the world sends a message to people who see you. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

If you wear a hat with the logo of your local sportsball team you are expressing a message of solidarity with the fans. You are a fan yourself and proud of the actions of that team. That's not a huge statement in itself. Neither is wearing something like socks with a Nike swoosh or a shirt with the Polo logo. They present an image to the public, but not something terribly deep.

But now consider a person wearing a BLM shirt. A MAGA hat. A car covered in NRA bumperstickers. A "Blue Lives Matter" shirt. These are more impactful political statements than something like Nike. You are presenting a political stance, maybe even a controversial or divisive one. You are stating your support for a political stance and proudly displaying it to the public.

And that's what a mask is - it's showing support for the reactions and recommendations of the covid hysteria. It's a sign of compliance and trust in the agencies that recommended masks. It's a show of support for the actions taken against this fear of covid. Now ponder what those actions are for a moment and recognize what you are supporting by wearing a mask.

A stimulus bill that only put 12.6 billion towards health care and 500 billion in handouts to large corporations.
Another round of quantitative easing that gave 700 billion to the biggest banks.
Taking away graduation ceromonies from high school and college graduates.
Taking sports and recess out of schools.
Forcing children to sit in the same seat all day, including lunch.
Telling humans they shouldn't touch each other.
Telling old people they should stay at home and be afraid.
Forcing business owners to close their doors, which has already driven many out of business.
Forcing children to eat pre-packaged foods.
Closing libraries and art studios but leaving liquor stores open.

Did anyone start off 2020 thinking that Americans needed less art, less access to exercise and less human contact? Or that we needed less small businesses and give more power and money to Walmart and Amazon? That's what the government pushed on us and many people accepted it. Wearing a mask shows your support for those actions, or at least your submission to the propaganda. Keep in mind that a virus with a mortality rate thought to be 3% has been revised to .04% by the CDC. That means it is 75 times less deadly than originally thought. It's not even in the same ballpark anymore, yet people still wear a mask. That means that masks aren't being worn due to legitmate concerns about medical factors or science, they are being worn out of fear or to show support for the current set of guidelines that are harming so many.

By wearing a mask you are showing your support for the government reaction to covid. The government reaction has already done more harm than the virus itself and the effects of that will be felt for a generation where that harm will be multiply many times in it's effect. If everyone pushed back, or even a majority of people pushed back, and didn't wear a mask, then the government wouldn't be pushing the rest of these draconian measures on us.

Forcing children to sit in one place all day, not have human contact and take away their access to fresh food at school we are doing long term development harm to them. I don't think most people support this, but they are sure going along with it and boldly showing the world so by wearing the mask, the symbol of all things covid. Please consider the quote from Desmond Tutu:

If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor

Please take this moment to support the children, the business owners and rational economic and medical choices with your voice and the image you display to the world.

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