LockDex is Safe Decentralized Exchange


A decentralized finance platform helps you get the most profitable measure for decreasing the danger in the purchasing and selling of tokens. While chipping away at the basics of this structure, you may wind up mistook for diverse platforms. This occurs because of the absence of data and to counter this, you should seriously think about consultancy administrations. At the point when this arrangement is utilized, you get account data and the remainder of the information in one spot. The exhibition and security of that platform give you a significant comprehension of the apparent multitude of terms.

Decentralized finance DeFi is the top trend in the crypto industry. the main advantage of DeFi eliminates the involvement of third-party, efficiency, and transparency.

What is LockDex?
DeFi has produces a couple of headways that we are satisfied with. In particular, developing pools outfit crypto lovers with a reliable technique for robotized income. By checking tokens, they get grants in pool tokens. It requires two or three minutes to make a LP and starting. LockDex plans to receive this system to the accompanying stage by using security with genuine APYs.


How LockDex it Work?
Any customer can take tokens open in Uniswap V2 LPs. We are making a straightforward UI at https://app.lockdex.org/ with the objective that customers can store and access LPs from the program using web3 contraptions like Metamask. No foundations required. Reliable affiliation and second induction to the latest information on APYs. Customers can profit likewise by locking their LPs. For a short period of time, darted APYs will give 10x APY prizes from the dispatch after presale during the going with 15 days.


A two-token system invigorates the whole economy of LockDex. The two tokens will be straightforwardly recorded on Uniswap V2 LPs anyway the situation and costs will change.

LDX Presale
Presale will be available for specific days in various stages. Brief risers will profit by the best expenses and, as time goes on, the expense in USD for $LDX will change. More information on the presale in an impending post.

LDR — The Reward Token
Customers will get LDR by following a couple of stages in the stage, taking care of LPs, and participating in activities for the organization. LDR exchange for LDX will be available later on, in the interim, LDR LP on Uniswap will allow customers to use their prize tokens.


Presale Distribution
Stage 1: Dec24th — Dec31st
1 LDX = 30$ (0.050ETH)
Allocation: 2500 LDX
Buy Limit: 3 ETH
Whitelist: No

Stage 2: Jan 1st — TBD
1LDX = 0.07 ETH (around 41.5$)
Allocation: 7500 LDX
Listing price 1LDX = 0.085ETH (around 50$)


25% of presale tokens in stage 1 (5% of total supply)
75% of presale tokens in stage 2 (15% of total supply)

Stage 1 from Dec 24th to Dec 31st
Stage 2 from Dec 31st to TBD
Uniswap Listing
App Launch

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Website : https://lockdex.org/
Telegram : https://t.me/LockDex
Twitter : https://twitter.com/LockDexOrg
Medium : https://lockdex.medium.com/
Discord : https://discord.gg/SaMR8wnzWs

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