Yield cultivating turned into a moving venture item after the long account and Uniswap outflank. The facts demonstrate that yield procuring could roll out enormous improvements in the crypto circle. It might require a few changes in keen agreement reviews and how they seem to mass individuals.

Only one out of every odd decentralized item going to beat, however the undertaking who has an accomplished colleague and a unique vision to make natural automated revenue for speculators will have a decent effect. It will likewise require more than one working item like the task won't support except if it has other use cases other than yield procuring.

The iFarming Finance (IFY) is building up an exceptional stage that permits anybody to furnish liquidity and to be compensated with IFY tokens, simultaneously keeping up both symbolic value solidness and secure and rearranged DeFi for everybody. Yield ranchers just need to store their crypto utilizing our shrewd agreement, at that point iFarming handles all that it takes to get the best return procuring on the lookout. Liquidity suppliers procure standard awards notwithstanding reward IFY reward. IFY Finance explains these problem areas by giving clients a minimal effort frictionless approach to pool their liquidity and apportion it over an arrangement of methodologies. By pooling liquidity, the stage courses the assets in a single exchange to the biggest and most noteworthy yield cultivating methodology, in this manner sparing gas expenses for clients. As you know crypto space is very big now and there are thousands of defi projects released these days and in recent days but also there are projects who lacs some properties or elements of defi system and this is one of the big hassles to find what you need but today I am going to introduce you a platform with All in one features so you can do all your work at one place.

IFY is essential for the bigger pattern of decentralized account: an industry that is centered around building decentralized budgetary instruments on top of existing brilliant agreement empowered digital forms of money. These instruments incorporate digital currency loaning, protection, decentralized trades, and other use cases.

Yield farmers just need to deposit their crypto using our smart contracts, then iFarming handles everything needed to get the highest yield in the market.

Liquidity providers get standard rewards in addition to bonus IFY rewards.

Crypto investing involves high risk, however, we are continually building a strategic framework to reduce this risk and adjust the distribution of investment liquidity to keep users getting the highest return.

NFT Farming / Trading: Easy farming by holding or trading a limited edition Non-Fungible (NFT) token issued by iFarming and sent to the community over the air. Users can get this NFT in an auction or airdrop. We use the OpenSea API

The IFY ecosystem is fully owned by the community. User can propose and vote on any system parameter. Users are incentivized with IFY governance tokens to keep the strategy model up-to-date with the latest DeFi developments.

Token price stability is a major concern in most DeFi projects, therefore, we prioritize buyback and burn IFY to make prices very stable, safe and easy for investors.

A total of 100,000 IFY tokens will be sold. The private deal was effectively concluded with all designated tokens (20,000 IFY) sold out. In the pre-sale, 80,000 IFYs are accessible in 3 unique stages. Unsold symbols will be forfeited. Currently, presale stage 1 has been opened, you can find it here.

Ticker: IFY
Decimal: 18
Max supply: 500,000
Private sales: 20,000
Pre-sales: 80,000
Unsold tokens: burned
Phase 1 price: 0.004 ETH
Phase 2 price: 0.00666 ETH
Phase 3 price: 0.01 ETH
Listing price: 0.01333 ETH


IFY Contract: 0x5CD5a1042a9B0656f747E49CD33aAD262Fa04E7D
Deposit ETH to our pre-sale address. Use an erc20 compatible wallet (Metamask, Myetherwallet, Enjin).
You can also scan a QR code with your phone's camera for use with a mobile wallet (Trust Wallet, Guarda, Enjin).
Recommended Gas Limit = 200,000 - You must go to Advanced Options before sending a transaction and set the Gas Limit between 150,000-200,000; Please note that there are 2 different things, one is the Transaction Fee, which can be 50-100 Gwei, and the other is the Gas Limit, which should be 150,000 - 200,000 minimum.
Once your transaction is confirmed, your IFY token will be automatically sent to your wallet.

All members is Honesty of this project.


IFY coin will list on several centralized and decentralized exchanges in the coming week from December. IFY will be listed on Uniswap, Bithumb, GateIO, Hotbit, MXC, and Probit within one week of the first listing. Starting with Uniswap and Bithumb, we aim to be listed in over 5 exchanges in the first month.

Project is getting more popular each and everyday.There is high probability that the project will become a market leader with the great team work.The idea surely beneficial for all.

This is a very good project and its team is working very hard on this project so that this project is going to give us a very good profit.

We who support this project definitely will doing to receive a lots of benefits from the ecosystem. We are with the project at thebeginning so we know the structure and we can spread the voice and invite people to join this amazing project

Website: http://ifarming.finance/

Telegram: https://t.me/ifarming_en

Twitter: https://twitter.com/iFarmingFinance

Bitcointalk bounty: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5289962.0

Presale: https://ifarming.finance/presale

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