Community Token-Power Exchange decentralized finance platform.

The DeFi project is a project that has set a goal of becoming a leading blockchain e-learning platform that operates on the blockchain and offers a variety of payment options, enabling you to invest with a satisfactory return. for personal and business use, the Platform will initially operate centrally, and in a later planned version, also on a decentralized basis.


The DeFi project is a project that aims to create solutions in the field of online banking and payments. With the world changing at the speed of light, money transactions in the banking sector and online space must become faster and safer. We aim to create a platform that will integrate several such financial products using a blockchain-based system. With our crypto wallet application, our community will be able to send and receive cryptocurrency using their email address and wallet; they can also track their portfolio prices using our app. Our technology will enable you to make transactions that are fast, simple and secure.

Community Token
Power Exchange decentralized finance platform built on and powered by Ethereum


About the Community Token project.
Community Token is a unique DeFi platform dedicated to providing borrowing, lending crypto assets, staking for returns, cryptocurrency trading, assets, decentralized app, and an automated market maker with fast, intelligent, available and profitable financial services.

Community Token users will be able to optimize their profitability from yield farming and staking to receive CMT tokens, make money, and use tokens as a means of payment.

Solution For You:
Secure Wallets
In order to store tokens, you need wallets that are well-suited for lending and saving.

The Community Token provides customers with different financial choices and opportunities inside the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

Creation of DeFi Applications, Build a Cryptocurrency Trading, Facilitating the use of Community tokens to promote and collect payments and salaries for transactions in the digital world, and encourage the use of CMT tokens.

The Community Token is built on the highly reliable Ethereum Blockchain.

The Community Token depends on a deeply autonomous administration that is unregulated by either an institution or government, but by an autonomous board. This will be governed by voting for its representatives and providing critical decisions by the DeFi master idea.

In order to secure and mitigate all attacks, Community Token implements the Turing incomplete protocol, thereby ensuring the security of the platform.

The Community Token platform is built to manage and process extremely large transaction volumes quickly, smoothly, decentralized.

Through a stable, collateralized and dependable scheme, Community Token contributions will be able to lend and invest, as well as receive payments, receiving interest on investments.

Community Token provides a cryptocurrency peer-to-peer exchange platform.

Token Sale
On the our platform, Community Token will offer different crypto properties. On investments using our smart contracts, payouts will be made automatically.

Starting time : FEB 14, 2021 (SUN 10:00 AM)
Ending time : MAR 20, 2021 (SAT 12:00 PM)
Tokens Initial Price 1 CMT = 0.55 USDT
Minimum purchase : 50 USDT
Total tokens sale 1,000,000 CMT
Acceptable Currency : ETH, USDT

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Token Sale Proceeds


The use of cryptocurrencies has become more widespread and we have developed a comprehensive roadmap for CMT future development.

Q1 2021
Seed Funding from Private Sales & Public sales

Q2 2021
Platform architecture & tech

Q3 2021
Defi Integration for lending and borrowing

Partnership with

E-commerce Firms

Q4 2021
Platforms and institution partnerships
Dex and Dapp ready with code released

Q1 2022
E-commerce, client & business activities and inventions

Q2 2022
Continuous Market Participation and Kragx Major Event

Q3 2022
Announce Plans for Agricultural Project

Announce Plans for Real Estate Project

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