Some Steemians Just Want To Watch The Steem Burn!

Hi there!


Today I'd like to try something weird.Let's burn some Steem!

It's a trendy thing lately right?

So in this post I'll set beneficiary > @null


so any author's rewards for this post will disappear.
But don't worry, curators will get their rewards, upvote if you like :)
hy would sane Steemian do so?
In theory, it will annihilate some amount of Steem - so the rest of the existing Steem will g gain its value little bit.

And now a little story for bored rest of you :

I was browsing my phone photos and I saw something funny.
I mean funny to me.

This dude doodled on dusted window glass in my office.
It is a cooperated drawing by me and my dear friend, co-worker @kittykate.

It was a couple years ago. I didn't know that @kittykate is a very talented artist (and very humble). I'm pretty sure that she didn't exactly know at the time I like to draw stuff either.
We drew together this dude on the window line after line with our fingers.
And you know what?
I'm pretty sure that this is the only drawing we made together ever!
And we work in the same room for, like, ever!


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So what are we gonna draw together today?

10.01.2020 06:15

In our new office windows are clean.
Got lipstick?

10.01.2020 07:19