UNEXPECTED πŸ₯° For The Second Time - Winning The First Prize In Steem SEA Community Contest

Wooww!!! What A Surprise! 😍

It was unexpected as I was focused in catching up with The Diary Game and for no reason I also did not receive a mention notification. I was just congratulated by @fycee in our group message and from there I knew about it!

For those who are not aware, Steem SEA Community Contest (Part 6): Photography in The Diary Game


A BIG THANK YOU to @anroja, @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator08 for your continued support and making Steemit a better platform for all us. I know how hectic your schedules are but you make sure that you do the best for the community. We really appreciate every exerted effort.

I would also want to congratulate the other winners:

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Terimakasih telah berpartisipasi di the diary game.

Happy good day.

20.09.2020 00:08

Hi @nazarul, I really want to complete this diary game as this is has made me go back to blogging again... though because of some personal matters I was not able to do it everyday but will surely catch up and try to complete the 50 days πŸ₯° thank you for droppin by!

20.09.2020 18:28

thank you
Of course it is very interesting to see that you have returned to t the diary game.

21.09.2020 00:48

@pingcess, congratulation and salute!, you deserve much more than that. Really happy that you were willing to participate in the contest.

Thank you for strengthening our beloved steem SEA. Keep steeming on

Much Love

20.09.2020 17:23

hello @el-nailul, thank you for droppin by... I am still trying to catch up with the diary game and aiming to complete the 50 days πŸ₯° see you around πŸ₯°

20.09.2020 18:29

Congratulations again dear! Yes bihira ako magbasa NG mga updates Kasi Hindi Naman Tayo abangers dito kundi sa smiley-kineme! Hahaha. Keep up the good work. Stay in-love with each other and yes let's finish TheDiaryGame! ☺️



20.09.2020 20:17

Congrats @pingcess, you get a 100% upvote as the first winner in the photography contest in The Diary Game Part 5 organized by the Steem SEA community.

Greetings: @anroja

22.09.2020 06:41

Nanalo ka pala! Congratulations!

24.09.2020 08:46