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Pimp Your Post is Back for the 58th installment.

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Rules for Pimp Your Post:

This is the easy part and hopefully one that will bring you some added eyeballs to your posts. Remember nobody is forced to vote on your posts so make sure they are quality. If you post a link to a Actifit Report Card or other Spam type post don't expect any part of the Bounty as we will not upvote them. We support original content.

  • Leave a comment with the Link to Your Post, but also "Pimp It"...that is sell us one why to visit your post.
  • No Referral Links and Steemit.com or SteemPeak.com links are preferred.
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02.12.2019 04:21

Alpha male politicians are interesting characters. I tried to analyse.


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02.12.2019 04:45

Visited and commented! What an interesting post! ^_^

02.12.2019 06:12

Commented and upvoted. I'm not surprised to see Trump among them.

02.12.2019 07:52

Tnx for your appreciation

02.12.2019 08:37

I visited your post and left a comment. interesting indeed. also upvoted it.

03.12.2019 00:03

Many thanks

03.12.2019 02:18

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02.12.2019 05:15

Congratulations to the following winner(s) of the bounty!

09.12.2019 04:12

many thanks

09.12.2019 04:27

I support this project 100%! For this week, I would like to pimp my entry to the APPICS Passion Rewarded Contest. I hope to get more eyes and votes on it so I could at least win some APX Tokens :) TY in advance!
tagging: @bradleyarrow @wanderingmoon


02.12.2019 06:04

Good to see you and your daughter having good time together.

Supported and commented.

02.12.2019 07:55

Having a best friend relationship in a mother daughter relationship is one of the best relationship. You guys look great together. Visited.

02.12.2019 08:54

I totally agree 😊😊 thank you!

02.12.2019 10:10

Visited your post. nice story of bonding with your daughter. I left a comment and upvoted.

03.12.2019 00:10

This is one of my latest pen drawing with exceptional technique which I think requires more recognition.


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02.12.2019 07:47

You draw very well 😉👍 visited and commented.

02.12.2019 09:55

Visited 🌝

02.12.2019 11:57

I'd like to pimp my latest post, a review of the Irishman - https://goldvoice.club/steem/@chekohler/movie-review-the-irishman

and I would like to invite @newmanaleks and @bettyxrampage to pimp one of their posts

02.12.2019 08:13

Visited and commented. A very good review of a good movie 😊😊

02.12.2019 09:59

Can't read your post yet...looking forward to seeing this and don't want any spoilers...lol. But know your review posts are always quality so it got the pifc vote.

02.12.2019 22:12

Nice campfire story 😊😊 visited and commented!

02.12.2019 10:04


02.12.2019 13:45

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02.12.2019 13:37

You are 58 altready hahahahah been on alot of them and i want all accounts i can rally in the steemterminal to do the same,
I like to promote this blog, because its true......


In all cases both in life and online
Onword to number 59

02.12.2019 15:16

Hi @brittandjosie. Your post was amazing. It hit me on the head with a hammer and told me to stop. So I'm taking it's advice, lol. I went, I read, I upvoted, and I commented.

02.12.2019 23:58

Dear @pifc, this is my latest post:
One question, do you have some problem with my delegated token?
It seems the total do not include them...

02.12.2019 20:34

Hi. This is a post I would like to promote my post by pimping it to the fullest extent of the law. I love to write fiction, and freewrite gives me the chance to do that. Thanks.


02.12.2019 23:54


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03.12.2019 13:01

@viking-ventures, Visited your blog. Stay blessed.

05.12.2019 20:21

Thank you!

05.12.2019 20:23


08.12.2019 08:13


06.12.2019 17:43


06.12.2019 21:03

@pifc, Kindly find my below JAHM Poetry for your reference.


Enjoy your time ahead and stay blessed.

05.12.2019 21:38
06.12.2019 20:22

1 link per week please!

07.12.2019 01:37