Still life

 Today I decided to write about the stages of creating my first painting in Photoshop and I hope you’ll find here something useful for creating your own paintings. 

 First of all, I determined the format of the picture and outlined the boundaries of the composition. I drew the horizon line, the plane on which the objects are located and the objects as if they are transparent wire frame forms with visible lines of construction. Geometric forms, with which it is customary to associate objects, help in the future to construct them correctly, to determine their position in space, size ratio, perspective transformation and volume. You also should make sure that there is enough space around objects so that the painting doesn’t appear flat. 

 Next, I outlined the basic color and light ratio. I distributed the colors in the picture evenly, that is, choosing a color for a particular object, I looked at where it can also be applied in the composition and with what intensity. This ensures the integrity of the painting. 

  Then I started to draw the details of some objects.  

 I clarified the details and color at the last stage. Everything that came close to the edge of the format I left less detailed to focus the viewer's eyes. 

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