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Literary social network. Writers and Readers united...!


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Hunter's comment

Incoherencias is a platform and social network specially designed for writers. He is currently in his BETA stage. Taking a moderately deep look, I noticed that he needs some improvements in the English version. However, this does not make the magic dull.

How does it work?

  • Writers publish their stories, stories, novels, among others. (Various literary genres); All this is at the writer's own freedom.
  • The other participants vote or comment.
  • If you get more than 10 positive Votes, you go to the next level, so to speak. You appear on the cover.
    Where your written work is promoted.

Another characteristic that seems striking to me is that it also has a learning section. In the learning section, tools and advice are provided for writers, promoting the development of content that manages to reach audiences in a shocking and enjoyable way.


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