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The current centralized social media system, has been discovered to be a sorry tale and a manipulative system, has it has been recently discovered that users data which is meant to be our privacy and digital life has infact being denuded,sold out and used against its users for manipulating and nostalgia purposes.


As the great hack video has revealed users data is more valuable than we ever imagined, and we have been extremely vulnerable for years and allowed these social media’s make a fortune out of our data and digital life, all this which we cannot take back.

Vid the decentralized memory media

Vid is a memory media platform, a cloud based, calendar centric hub for all your data and memories.

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Vid which is a decentralized memory media built on the blockchain technology is here to solve all user fears and insecurity about their data been stolen or manipulated by these centralized system.

How Vid will achieve this

Decentralization and immutability are two core tenets of the blockchain technology.

It is impossible to tamper with any data or information that has gone into the blockchain technology also all data in the blockchain belongs to no single entity, in addition to the blockchain technology leverage VID also uses a the zero knowledge encryption technology, with these only users has access and control over their data, this way data security is guaranteed.

Other features


Now that we know that our data is in the safe hands of the blockchain, here are other exciting features of the Vid platform.

Vid is been built on eos blockchain, this is an exciting one for me, as we do not have to deal with outrageous transaction fees and slow transactions, as the eos blockchain was built for the purpose high performance and scalability which are major issues on other popular blockchain such as ethereum.

Aside from the high security and performance on the Vid network here are other exciting features that sets Vid aside from other social networks.

  • monetization of memories
  • Auto generation and editing of video memories
  • Vibe screen
  • Free advertisement
  • Lack of bots and fake news
  • Efficient and friendly verification system

Vid network is here to change the social media paradigm,disrupt the centralized and censorship social media landscape and ensure that we enjoy our digital life with no insecurities, and ensure that we get the best out of our digital life while enjoying the monetary rewards attached to it.

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Nice. I actually invested in this project. It really hsd me excited.

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