Privacy seems to be the price for the adoption of technology as several centralized applications which has become a part of daily lives, being used for networking,communication and our businesses, tend to extract our data for their own commercial purposes, and bridge into our privacy, hereby giving with a hand and taking back with the other.

We all deserve our privacy as much as we deserve the all the benefits the modern technology brings, its time to free ourselves from unscrupulous advertisers,state actors and hackers who who acquires all our data and use them against us.

Introducing Stegos, Stegos is privacy platform and blockchain created to ensure absolute privacy, security, and environmentaly sustainable technology for everyone.

Merging the existing ideas of the blockchain technology and other privacy coin, Stegos blockchain is creating a unique application platform a game changer with various features, stated below

Why is Stegos unique?

  1. Absolute privacy: All transactions are unlinkable and can never be traced back to you.
  2. Payments and messaging: Easy and anonymous payment and messaging system.
  3. Scalability and data compaction: Stegos network is quite faster than its counterparts all transaction and data are safely removed using the cryptographic pruning method, app is also quite compact for mobile phones.
  4. Pruning: All spent coins and expired data are removed from the chain which aids more compatibility, 0 centralization is involved all these will be done with the cryptographic pruning tool.
  5. Mobile app: To showcase the power of the platform Stegos is building a mobile app, with inbuilt wallet, a messenger,group chat, integrated payment, redpacket, custom airdrops, light nods with staking feature etc. all these can be completely private.
  6. Default privacy : Privacy feature is on default with the zero knowledge proof feature.
  7. Gamified proof of stake(gpos) consensus: Get a standard validator reward even with small stakes with the gpos feature that rewards validators randomly unlike the standard POS, remember your light node is on your mobile in your pocket.
  8. Sharding and scalability: Stegos is the only blockchain that can run entirely in your pocket, with its cross shard atomic summit used to eliminate double spending and its active validators.
  9. Private marketplace: A Stegos market place where goods can be exchanged and payed for anonymously, also and inbuilt exchange where untraceable peer to peer transactions will be possible.
  10. Privacy App Store: Stegos is creating a App Store entirely decentralized, private and secured, with its on-chain mechanism you can search and install applications that are absolutely private and safe from prying eyes for your personal use.

Check out other details and exciting feature on Stegos whitepaper

Stegos is a revolution in the space of privacy coins, follow them them on twitter or checkout their websitefor more updates

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