Lcx your blockchain bank


Today i will be introducing to you a project called lcx, what is lcx? Lcx in a layman’s description is a blockchain bank, with the goal of creating a new financial world.


LCX’s goal is to become one of the world’s first licensed and supervised blockchain banks seamlessly blending traditional and crypto assets.

There has been an ongoing dispute and comparison between both assets but lcx is here to exceptionally Blend both assets.

Lcx is a new category of bank the first of its kind, ensuring security and transparency while creating a technology driven and customer centric client experience. With full concentration on crypto asset while offering traditional banking services.

Lcx products


Lcx will be offering the following products.

lcx terminal: the lcx terminal serves as a digital desk for cross platform crypto trading, lcx already has an integrated interface of other top 10 crypto exchanges such as Binance, kucoin and others for a smooth and unified crypto trading experience.


Lcx bank:

lcx baank will be offering transaction banking for companies and individuals, with the aim of offering unbeatable value, flexibility and transaction speed with its efficient cryptocurrency payment combination, With lcx multi currency account setup and its hybrid approach its is quite possible and easy to manage both both fiat and crypto on a single interface, lcx banking system will have lots of unique features, that’s will enable it operate as a tech company and not just bank.

Lcx exchange:

lcx wiilll also be launching its own cryptocurrency exchange, which will be built on a scalable infrastructure with high performance and security, lcx will be listing other digital assets on its ehange.

Lcx excxchange will also consist of an advanced trading tools and portfolio management feature, this is definitely an exchange to lookoufor.

Lcx asssets:

Lcx willll offer asset management across fiat and crypto assets, issuing different tokenized financial assets and offering security tokemissiions.

Furthemermore LCX will lead the emission of security token offerings and may issue several tokenized financiasssets.

LCX has as partnered with established banking and auditing partners to address the shortcomings of existing financial products. LCX is developing its own crypto asset backing method, as well as a highly secure and transparent operationalccess.

Lcx vault:

LCX is ps partnering with the leading crypustodian

company,andger, LCX is a is already usingstomized custodiaatodian solution and will be implementing the syor LCX’s

cliens well.

Ledger ill. Ledger is the market leader in secure hardware for storing crypto assets, LCX has decided to work closely with Ledger and implement their institutional-grade custoution.

Lcx protocol:

lastly tlastly the lcx protocol a decentralized compliance protocol, to standardize the way security tokens will be issued and traded on the blockchain, lcx might be working with other leading blockchain companies t this.

Other er inher information about the lcx system partnerships and roadmap and be found in the lcx whitepaper and website




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