God, how beautiful this color is

Thank you, dear God, for giving us these beautiful colors in the world.
There are several basic colors, and they are:
White, yellow, green, blue, red, black.
With these colors given by God, we can make a whole range of colors in all shades.
Each of us individuals in this world explicitly loves some color of gruge. People have written about what color means and further studies and tests, have they realized that even the date of birth has to do with a certain color and with almost 90% accuracy they can know that if someone was born in May they like blue , green and other shades of the mentioned colors.
Colors can be relaxing, intrusive, warm, cool, calm and frustrating.
And some colors can always match the other colors, they are white and black, and even if these two colors are combined they match.

This time I will show the beautiful color that this rose has.








All the best

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