My entry for People Photography by @worldcapture, week 38

Hi there my Steemian friends and followers!

Some two years ago, I got to visit a major military parade in the Mexican city of Playa del Carmen. I took some photos there for my stock portfolio but honestly, I am not a big fan of military stuff and I never thought I could use some of those shots for my posts here on my blog but I just figured some of them can actually make an interesting entry for the People Photography challenge hosted by our awesome @worldcapture :)

I really enjoyed the last week´s round so today, I am coming with a submission for the current round.


I remember how sorry I felt for these poor guys who were standing perfectly still on the main square in front of the Municipal Palace, under the scorching noon Yucatan sun, wearing the thick uniforms and heavy boots. I think I would pass out after 5 minutes.


Are there any military fans among my Steemian friends and followers? Would you be interested in more photos from the parade? I took tons of shots of various military vehicles, machines, facilities etc. of the Mexican Army.


Thank you for visiting my blog. If you like posts about #nature, #animals, #ecology, #crypto, #traveling, #photography and discovering secrets and beauties of the #world, feel free to follow me as these are the topics I mostly write about. Have a wonderful day and keep on Steeming! :)

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Vy nás ale zásobujete pane Karfík :) Díky.

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11.09.2019 08:34

Awesome captures again! How did you not participate earlier? hahah :D Thanks for sharing these images buddy! :))

12.09.2019 04:18

Honestly, I never realized I have some photos with people :D Still saving a few more for the next rounds, stay tuned :D ;)

12.09.2019 09:57

!BEER , když zrovna snad teče...

12.09.2019 19:07

Díky. Nemám čím oplatit, tak tě aspoň upvotnu...

12.09.2019 19:34

Nemusíš. Můžu rozdat 30 malých piv denně. Tak se to snažím udělat.

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