The new 2020 decade will have a Large Focus on Machine Learning

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One of the main things I’m excited to see develop in 2020s is machine learning / deep learning. I have always been extremely fascinated about this play of memory and how it’s now just all about arrange it faster. It’s all about computing it into something that makes sense. It’s about language mastery. The better machines we get the smarter they will become at doing those tasks. Organize and arrange data and memory into it’s proper place. This will free the Human Being up so we do not have to do these tasks manually. So that we mainly can focus on alertness and human consciousness.

2019 was an interesting year for me. I bought the new Samsung Galaxy S10+. Which made me realize how fast smartphone innovation is moving. This smartphone feels 3x as smarter than my Galaxy S8. That is exponential growth in intelligence in just a few years time. Smartphones can perform more and faster than ever before. Also if we consider phones. Most times they are not used super efficient. Imagine when they figure out how to be used in maximum efficient way.

Especially with the Galaxy S10+ it has become easier to generate your own graphics and animations. With AR Emojis and better video editing apps. Better voice apps. Smarter apps. All of it adds up at quite a rapid rate. The faster technology is evolving the better. Since video is the most engaging kind of content. And soon when everyone can make their own animations easier. This will really speed up a lot. Because more creativity will make so smart people can innovate at a much faster rate than ever before. Combined with token funding systems.

Eventually we won’t understand how a computer comes up with new clever stuff that is smarter than the stuff that we currently know. But we don’t have to understand it. As long as stuff makes sense. We are happy to enjoy the output / the result. This creation of life is an on-going process. So there will always be something new to explore. For example I am fascinated to study Human Beings. And study how detailed the creator has made each Human unique. Including a Human Beings personal experience of life. We are probably here to grow and learn more. To expand our borders of ignorance.

I enjoy to see how work flows always constantly change and improve. The challenge is to make people expand their identity and have a more inclusive growth mindset. Now if your trying to be exclusive you are actually losing out. If you are inclusive, that is where all the fun happens. The cool part about be inclusive is you realize you don’t have to do everything yourself. You can take advantage of other people’s research and intelligence. To save time and energy. For example, many of us enjoy the benefits of all the R&D the smartphone and tech companies are doing. Even though in the short term it may look like a disaster some aspects.

The most exciting part about machine learning for me is to be able to run my own simulations and experiments. At the moment if you want to experiment, usually the tools are quite clunky, access to the right people is clunky, as you also need other humans with lots of knowledge and smart devices, and they also have to take in lots of new data for long periods of time to build out this intelligence infrastructure. But as more people become smarter. Run simulations will become super exciting.

For example as we get more powerful hardware and software, you can run simulations and create stuff faster than other people, and then you can expand everyones borders of ignorance. People can have a paradigm shift and realize. Oh wait, we can just simulate most of the stuff that I thought was important or a big deal. Humans spend a lot of time on petty nonsense. Technology and especially machine learning will really make humans be more expansive. Why do something when we can click a button and have it done in a second?

This will probably make it so people ask better questions and dig deeper into themselves, to see what this really is all about. I think especially Steemians realize this Instant age already, as when you get rewarded is more a click moment. While in older systems it was slower. Getting something faster gives you time to consider more stuff. A space many other people have rarely entered. I think the 2020s will be super exciting to study.

To put Instagram in perspective. Insta photo can be 161kb in size. So 40 million is 7 Terabyte. You can store all pizza photos on 7 Micro SD cards. We can put all those photos in machine learning and deep learning and generate 100 million new Pizzas never before existed

The new Samsung Galaxy for 2020 will be called Galaxy S20. Here we go again. Another decade, S21, S22, S23, S24, S25, S26, S27, S28, S29. I want to buy Galaxy S20+ and new Galaxy Buds+ this year. The new Buds should be able to compete against Apple AirPods. My dream feature would be Galaxy Buds AI voice assistant with support for Bixby all apps

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